Mail and Calendar Integration Setup


Order Time is integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook365 Mail and Outlook Calendar. Using this integration you can have the system record responses to emails that were sent from Order Time. It will append the response directly to the original activity in the Activity Tab. You can also have responses generate a new Activity. You can have any email sent to an Order Time contact through the integration create a new Activity under that Contact. Responses from Contacts that include an attachment can be set to Attach it to the Activity as well.

Events added in Order Time will appear in your connected Calendar in either service. When you edit, delete or move the Event in Order Time or in your Calendar app, it will sync the change with both.

Quick Video Setup

Activate the Mail and Calendar Integration in Order Time

The first step is to activate the integration. You must be the Master Admin to do this. The Master Admin is the user which Registered for Order Time.

Navigate to settings by clicking on the gear next to your company name on the top-right portion of your screen. Then click Company Preferences under the Settings column.

Click on Mail and Calendar Integration under the Company Preferences and check the boxes for Mail and Calendar:

Mail and Calendar Integration Settings

Then choose between the three configuration options.

  1. Choose what should happen when there is a response to an email that originated from Order Time
    • You can choose to append it to the original activity which is the email that was sent.
    • You can choose for every email response to be its own activity
    • You can disregard responses
  2. Choose what should happen when you email an Order Time Contact
    • It can create a new activity under that contact to keep a record
    • You can choose to disregard these and not keep a record
  3. Choose what will happen when an attachment is sent in an email response
    • Choose to add the attachment to the original Activity in Order Time
    • Disregard attachments and not keep a record in Order Time

Once you have chosen your configuration settings, hit Save in the top-right.

Mail and Calendar Integration Authentication

Navigate back to settings by clicking on the gear next to your company name on the top-right portion of your screen. Then click Mail and Calendar Integration under the General column.

Note: Each user can now connect their Email and Calendar with Order Time after the integration has been activated. This is a User by User integration and must be connected individually from that User's settings.

Mail and Calendar Integration OAuth

You will see the screen above, click on the service you wish to connect and click the Connect button at the bottom-right. From here you will be taken to an authentication screen. Give permissions to Order Time and authorize the integration by logging into your chosen email & calendar account.

Utilizing the Mail and Calendar Integration

To send an Email from a transaction like the Sales Order, head to your individual order, click on the Activity History tab and click on Send Email as seen below.

Send Email

You fill out the email, utilize a template if you've set some up, attach a file if need be and click Send.

Filling out an Email in Order Time

The Email will appear in your inbox now on Gmail or Outlook365 Mail. It also appears under the Activity History Tab. If you receive a response to this email you will see it in your inbox and appended to the Activity if you've chosen that configuration option.

Viewing Activities in Order Time

If the response includes and attachment and you've turned that configuration option on, the attachments can be seen by clicking on the Edit icon to the right of the Activity and then clicking the Activity Attachment Tab to view them.

Checking Activity Attachments in Order Time

To create an Event on a transaction, head to the transaction like this Sales Order and click on the Open Activities tab.

Click on the Add Event Button to get started.

Set up your event as a new meeting, choose the dates, add a description if necessary and hit Save.

This event will now show up under Open Activities in the Transaction / Sales Order. It also shows on the Calendar on the Home page of Order Time as well as on your connected Calendar via the integration!

How Do Events in Order Time and My Calendar of Choice Sync?

  • You must add the Event in Order Time, it can not be added in your Calendar App
  • This will automatically add the Event to you Calendar App of choice
  • When you Edit / Move / Delete an event in either Order Time OR your Calendar App it will sync!

Disconnecting the Mail and Calendar Integration

To disconnect your Email account and Calendar from Order Time, simply head to the settings by clicking on the gear next to your company name on the top-right portion of your screen. Then click Mail and Calendar Integration under the General column.

Click on the service you would like to disconnect ie. Google Suite or Outlook 365 and then click on the green Disconnect button.