Webinar - Order Time Version 1.0.28 + B2B Portal 1.1 - What's New?

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Webinar Notes: 

Order Time - New Version of Order Time + B2B Portal

  • New Version Release Notes: https://help.ordertime.com/help/version-1028
  • New B2B Version Release Notes: https://help.ordertime.com/help/b2b-version-11
  • Docusign Integration is in beta, and allows you to get signatures.
  • More information on the integration with FreightPrint: https://info.ordertime.com/freightprint 
    • Shipping integration for truck loads and freight shipping
  • Email Templates  
    • You can toggle between HTML and Text
    • It gives you a Rich Text Editor with Tokens for custom marketing emails
    • Can add a default BCC to all emails as well
  • Custom Reporting 
    • The Matrix Reports can be customized with dates as your pivot
    • Inventory Ledger Report, new type: Ledger 
      • Customer Ledger
      • Inventory Movement with Bins
      • Inventory Movement by Location
      • Has a starting and running balance
  • Batch Actions on Customer Returns are in
  • Changing the Statuses on Activities using Batch Actions from the Activity List
  • A total of all Records is now on the bottom of all Lists
  • The Sales Charts are now more detailed and load faster
  • If you go to the Page Layouts for Sales Orders - Details Page 
    • Total Margin
    • Total Margin Percentage
    • Total Markup
    • and more have been added, you can drag and drop them into the layout of your Sales Orders
  • Most of the errors and bugs that were fixed were hotfixed at different times during the production cycle, but they were just notated during this patch release.
  • B2B Portal 
    • Under Customer Types you can define the Price Level, Terms, and Categories
    • If you have it set to allow the Customer to Self-Register, you can change which Customer Type these Customers will end up as under the B2B Portal - General Settings.
    • You can turn off ordering so that they can just use it as basically a catalog.
    • There are new fields to allow a Customer to enter a Memo
    • There are new fields to allow a Customer to enter a Promise Date
    • Under the Sales Tab, you can view all Carts in B2B by going to the bottom-right in the Quick Links and clicking on the link that says Carts
    • You can now filter what the Customers can see by the Customer Categories or the Customer Price Level.
  • In the newest version of our iPhone app, you can check out a Purchase Order, check out the products, scan them in, and it creates the Purchase Order.
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