Stop Email Delivery Issues: Verify Your Domain


When Order Time sends emails, while they are being sent from the Order Time server, we will show the email as coming from your own email address. That way the recipient of your email will not be confused and any replies will be directed to you. 

Sometimes when the domain of the email address does not match the domain where the email is being sent from a false warning will show up when the email is opened by the recipient. The email can also be falsely flagged and placed in the recipient's SPAM folder.

DNS Record Validation

To avoid this a DNS record can be added where your domain is hosted (GoDaddy, Network Solutions etc.), authorizing the Order Time email server to send email on your behalf. You don’t have to configure your email domain this way, but it’s recommended if you use your own custom email domain. If you use a non-custom domain, such as addresses ending in or, you can't use this feature, as you won't have access to the account DNS settings.

If you allow Order Time to send email on behalf of your email domain, Order Time stops sending messages from, and sends them from your domain, completely preserving your branding.

DNS Settings have a different location depending on your registrar

The process of adding a C Name entry is different for different domain registrars. For example, here are the instructions for GoDaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions, and Google Domains.

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Make sure you have access to the DNS settings wherever the domain you want to verify is registered. (See the info above)

Step 2: Email with the subject - Domain Verification

Step 3: Support will provide the C Name entries that you need to enter into your DNS Settings to complete the verification process.

FYI - Email sending is disabled by default during the 30 day trial period. Contact us at and we can verify your identity to enable this feature in your trial sandbox.