Webinar - Order Time Mobile App - New Features / Receiving

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Webinar Notes: 

Order Time Mobile App - New Features / Receiving

  • Order Time Mobile User Manual
  • Overview and Download Link
  • The latest video on Receiving Purchase Orders
  • You must have a Purchase Order to Receive with the new feature
  • Remember that using the settings in the Order Time Mobile app, you can set the Pick Quantity After Scan 
    • Scan One
    • All
    • The Ordered Quantity
    • or Manual to choose a specific quantity
  • You can receive straight to specific bins or the default bin.
  • You scan the barcodes and then scan the Serial Number or Lot Number.
  • Next update to the mobile app will include the Warehousing features like Bin Moves then we will add Transfers / Counts / Adjustments etc.
  • Next after that will be Sales features and Work Orders.
  • The App currently includes: 
    • Sales Orders & Picking
    • Ship Docs & Packing
    • Receiving Purchase Orders
  • The Android version is currently in development and moving along quickly.
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