QuickBooks Online Validation Error: Memorized Sales Transactions


Validation Exception was thrown. Details: Business Validation Error: Do you also want to update memorized sales transactions to use the new values?

The issue is that any time an item in QuickBooks Online is updated that ALSO exists as a line item on a memorized transaction, this message will appear.

As a 3rd party application Order Time inventory is not able to answer the question of whether or not to update the memorized transaction. This means that these items cannot be automatically updated.

We have two work-arounds for this issue:

1) Remove the items in question from any memorized transactions in QuickBooks.

2) Remove the entry from the sync queue to update the item in QuickBooks and manually update the item in QuickBooks so when the question pops up it can be answered and the item can be saved.

If you encounter any further issues, please reach out to us.