Shipping Integration - ShipStation


Order Time is integrated with ShipStation!  Ship Docs are sent to ShipStation together with all relevant customer and item information. Within ShipStation you complete the shipment and print the shipping label. ShipStation will send back the tracking number to the appropriate Ship Doc and change its status to Shipped

When using ShipStation your addresses MUST use the 2 digit ISO code State/Prov/Reg and Country.

Activate ShipStation Integration in Order Time

The first step is to activate the integration. You must be the Master Admin to do this. The Master Admin is the user which Registered for Order Time.

Navigate to settings by clicking on the gear next to your company name on the left/top portion of your screen. Then Click Shipping Integration. Click Enable and you should see something like the following:

Setup Order Import in ShipStation

  1. Login to ShipStation
  2. Click the wrench icon to navigate to Account Settings
  3. Under Import Order,  click Selling Channels, scroll until you find Custom Store and select it. 

Complete the rest of the form fill as follows:


Username: Enter your email

Password: Enter your API Key

Status Mapping: Here we are using the default Ship Doc statuses. Make the appropriate changes if you customize your statuses.

Learn more about Ship Method Mapping

Click Test Connection then Connect to complete the setup.

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