Order Time Mobile - Turning Off Auto-Updates

The Order Time Mobile app is a powerful tool that helps you manage your warehouse inventory with ease. In this article, we provide instructions on turning off auto-updates for iOS and Android. Only do this if you wish to stay on the current build and manually update when you wish.

Instructions for Turning off Auto-Update


  • How to turn on or turn off automatic updates on your iPhone or iPad
    • Go to Settings.
      • Tap App Store.
      • Turn on or turn off App Updates. 
      • ** Note this is an all-or-nothing setting, it will turn off auto-updates for all of your apps

  • Apple App Testers: TestFlight for iOS to change automatic update settings for individual beta apps you’re testing
    • TestFlight for iOS or iPadOS
      • Open TestFlight and go to the app’s page.
      • Under App Information, turn Automatic Updates On or Off.
    • TestFlight for macOS
      • Open TestFlight and go to the app’s page.
      • Under App Settings, select Automatic Updates and Change the setting

  • Turning off Auto-Update on Android
    • Open the Play Store and tap your profile picture on the top right.
    • Go to Manage apps and device.
    • Tap the Manage tab to see all your installed apps.
    • Open the app you want to disable automatic updates on.
    • Tap the three-dot button on the top right of the app's description screen.
    • Uncheck the box next to the Enable auto-update.
    • ** Note this will turn it off for Internal Test Builds and Live Production Builds for Android


Please Note: Make sure to close out any current work before updating or modifying the app. Any current scans that have not been uploaded and are sitting in your queue on the app will be lost.

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