Inventory Values are not immediately being updated.

Inventory Valuations are Deferred. 

Since the 1.0.32 update all inventory calculations are done after the fact in a separate process.   Meaning that you will not immediately see the Value Amounts appear for a given transaction.     Instead, the records are queued up and sequentially processed every 30 minutes or so.

Before we Sync with Accounting,  we check to make sure the transaction's valuation entries are completed.  If a transaction's valuation entries are not completed,  we postpone the syncing by removing it from the sync queue for a given sync job and adding it to the next sync job.

Why did we do this?

  1. Better app server performance because valuations are happening in a different process.
  2. Valuations must happen in the correct sequence.  Especially for work orders where the finished goods should be recorded last. 
  3. Easier to track miscalculations.