Webinar - New Version 1.0.33 Features + Q&A

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Webinar Notes - Order Time Version 1.0.33 and Q&A


  1. Google Authenticator is replacing the previous 2-Factor Authentication methods

  2. Ability to force 2-Factor Authentication for all users, must be Master Admin, checkbox is in Company Info

  3. Single Sign On (SSO) from Google added to the Login page

  4. Custom Messages - ability to create a Shortcut to a longer custom message

  5. Quick Search on the Reports section

  6. You can hit Enter to Search on the Global Search bar

  7. Search by document number in Global Search - must be 5 characters, can be entered like “00567” if it is not 5 characters long

  8. Print Label from Lot/Serial Number

Preference Changes

  • Inventory Preferences: Enforce allocation to dependencies from linked transactions
  • Production Preferences: Allocate components when a work order is created or when a component is added
  • Production Preferences: Allocate components when a work order status is changed to Finished
  • Shipping Preferences: Auto generate packages when creating a Ship Doc from a Sales Order
  • Production Preferences: Option to Remove Quick Build button
  • Advanced Sales Preferences: Use sales order promise dates on linked work orders
  • Order Time Mobile Preferences: After submitting a Sales Order, change the status of the Ship Doc to: Multiple Choice Dropdown
  • Shipping Preferences: When creating Ship Docs from Sales Orders, Multiple Choices, Only while the Ship Doc is in a Processing status
  • Shipping Preferences: Allocate inventory from bins/lot or serial numbers with the smallest availability first
  • Lot / Serial # Preferences: Show the Quantity box on the Lot / Serial Number pop-up.