Webinar - New Features in Version 1.0.29 + Open Q&A

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Webinar Follow-Up:

New Features in Version 1.0.29 + Open Q&A

  • New Features Added:

    • New List Added - Inventory Status By Location
      • There was a new feature requested during the webinar to allow users to search this list using custom fields.
    • Added 'On Orders' and 'ETA' to the Inventory Status By Location List.
    • Every Full List has Auto-Fill for Filtering on Customers, Vendors, and More
    • New Report Types For Warehouse Reports: Quantity Adjustments & Value Adjustments
    • New Report Types For Inventory Reports: Item Transactions and Open Orders (All Orders Customers will remember this as the Deficiency Detail Report)
    • Ability to Export Orders to CSV straight from the Orders themselves.
    • Freeze headers on lists/reports - So when you scroll on long reports you can still see what each column means.
    • Events or tasks to SMS - Company Preferences, Under Activities - Make sure to add a Cellphone Carrier and Mobile Number to each User you want to receive SMS.

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