Item Substitution on a Sales Order


During our onboarding you learn about editing Item Details. Today we take a look back on the Related Items tab for an individual Item. By adding Related Items as a Replacement, you can prepare your Sales Team for a stock out situation. When there is no quantity for Item A, and you've selected Item B as a Replacement, you can quickly substitute one for the other and make your Sale!

Setting up Replacements

  1. Click on the Open Full List drop-down menu and select Items
  2. Click the Name/Number of the item. This will lead you to the Items page to edit.  
  3. Click the Related Items tab

On this tab, you can choose Items in your inventory that are somehow related to the current item.

Related Item: Select a related item from the drop-down list.

Description: Enter a concise information about the item relation.

Relation: Choose Replacement - An item can be a Replacement when it can substitute for the current Item, usually if it is out of stock.

Click Save

Using Substitution in a Sales Order

  1. Create your Sales Order
  2. Add Items to the Sales Order which have Replacements
  3. You will notice that a new Icon appears next to the Edit Line Item Icon
  4. By clicking this Substitute icon you'll open up the Replacement window
  5. Choose from one of your Replacement Items and Click Save
  6. Add the columns Replaced Item and Replaced With to your Sales Order Line Items to see in-depth information about the Substitutions