Order Time Security & Backups

Platform Security

Let's start off with the security of the platform itself. Order Time runs on an AWS Cloud backbone. Security is our highest priority. Our data centers and network architecture have two redundancies so that even in the case of a catastrophic failure, there are multiple backups. 

An advantage of utilizing the AWS cloud is that we can scale around the needs of our customer base. We provide the environment and our customers no longer have to maintain their own backups or hire IT staff to manage a SQL server. The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers.

Cut costs by utilizing Order Time Inventory and moving into the cloud. Maintain the highest standard of security without having to manage your own facility. No matter the size of your business, Order Time is designed to keep data safe!

Access Control - Setting Up Roles

Another benefit of our platform is the ability for administrators to customize the roles in which their users have access and what features they can change or view.

Every section of Order Time inventory from the main menus, Sales, Purchasing, Production or Warehouse can be managed via the Roles system. 

- Limit users actions such as View / Create / Edit / Print / Export / Delete.
- Add exceptions for certain users or special features.

Learn more about Roles: https://help.ordertime.com/help/user-roles

Syncing from QuickBooks?

Whether you are using a hosted QuickBooks solution, QuickBooks Enterprise in-house, or QuickBooks Online, Order Time can connect and sync your transactions!

For more information on everything related to Order Time & QuickBooks, head HERE.

Right Networks is the proven leader for QuickBooks hosting. Their QuickBooks Desktop Cloud solution gets your QuickBooks file into the cloud.  As Right Networks is a managed hosting environment you will need them to download and install the QuickBooks Desktop Synchronization Tool to your cloud server. 

Check here for more info: https://help.ordertime.com/help/im-using-right-networks-what-should-i-do

Payment Processing - Check Your Payment Security Preferences

Setting up credit card security is critical for preventing credit card fraud and avoiding losses to your business. This section adds a layer of security to your credit card transactions. Take time to review and make the appropriate choices. Mask credit card numbers to only show the last 4 digits. Set requirements for payment processing. Set your payment gateway into test mode to try out your payment portal before you send a payment request to a customer! 

Find out about all the Preferences: https://help.ordertime.com/help/company-preferences-payments

Automated Backups

Pairing with Order Time can help protect your business in case of disaster. Order Time runs on Amazon Web Services,  learn more about AWS. AWS provides cloud-based services that enable disaster recovery for IT infrastructure and data. By pairing with AWS, Order Time allows your business to continue running seamlessly.

Order Time features incremental data backups for all data every hour and full backups of data every night.

We keep 7 days worth of backups on-hand.
All backups are stored on the AWS S3 cloud storage platform.