Webinar - Lot & Serial Number Features - Traceability

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Lot & Serial Number Features - Traceability

  • Setting an Item for Serialization
    • On a New Item you check Track Lot or Serial Numbers in the General Tab
  • Opening the Serial and Lot Number List
    • Go to the Open Full List drop-down and click Lot or Serial Numbers, this opens that special list
  • Admin Section > Company Preferences > Lot / Serial #s
    • To get to the preferences for changing the Serial Number Incrementation
    • Edit Duplicates
    • Edit the Getting Available
      • This is the number it should increase by and what that is based on.
  • Admin Section > Company Preferences > Shipping
    • Uncheck the first checkbox for quantities if you DON'T want the system to pick the lot or serial number of the item that will be Shipping out.
  • Company Preferences - Lot Numbers & Serial Numbers
  • Video - Lot & Serial Number Tracking Demo
  • Import Lot & Serial Numbers Onto Receiver Line Items
  • For a Custom Report on Valuation with Serial Numbers
    • Choose Ledger Type Report
    • Choose these Tables
      • Docs
      • Bin and Lot or Serial Nos
      • Items
      • Bin
    • Choose these Columns
      • Name/Number
      • Lot / Serial
      • Date
      • No.
      • Tran Type
      • Bin
      • Movement Quantity
      • Total Movement Quantity
      • Value Amount
      • Total Value Amount
    • (We can help you out with this, just contact us)
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