Webinar - Important Reports for the New Year

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Notes from the latest webinar on Important Reports for the New Year

  • Information about Inventory Valuation Reports
    •  Can drill down by clicking on individual item names / numbers
  • Ledger Reports for ins and outs
    • All Transactions for an item by quarter
    • Shows Receivers adding inventory and value
    • Shows Ship Docs removing inventory and value
  • Pivot Tables
    • You can set it so that you can pivot by date and show your Sales transactions by month for the entire year.
    • You can show the change as a percentage and the value that is added.
  • We had a question about column widths for reports
    • We currently have a feature request to allow you to edit the default column width.
    • Possibly whether to set it as responsive to how much is entered or not.
  • At the end we show special reports about Customer Returns
    • View by the highest returned item
    • View by the customer with the most returns

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