BigCommerce Shopping Cart is a paid-for eCommerce solution that offers small businesses a wide selection of advanced features to set up a comprehensive online store. Customers can design their own stores by choosing a template from a wide range of choices. Users have the option to sell either physical or digital goods; and there are also some tools provided to help market your store. BigCommerce aims to assist both web design beginners and advanced users by allowing them to access the HTML and CSS of their ecommerce site.

Generating Connection Credentials 

Below are the steps for getting BigCommerce connection credentials: 

  1. Log in to BigCommerce.
  2. Click Advanced Settings located on the left side of the interface. 
  3. Click API Accounts
  4. Click the Create API Account button. 
  5. Next you'll be given your store URL (this is the URL we use in Order Time)  and you'll provide the name for the account. (We don't use it, so it can just be the name of your business.)

    *NOTE: remove the "/v3/" at the end of the URL, we don't need that portion.
  6. Then below that part, you specify the permissions for the API account.
    • At a minimum, if you want to just Import Orders then you need have Customers, Orders and Products set to read-only.
    • If you want to update Inventory, then Products needs to be set to modify.
    • If you want to update Order Status, then Orders needs to be set to modify.
    • (Also note you can't go back to change the settings, you have to start over)
  7. Click Save
  8. After completing the setup, the screen below is what you see. This is the ONLY time you get to see this.
    — What we need is the Client ID (Which goes into the username field) and the Access Token (which goes into the API key field).
  9. Click Done, after clicking Done a file is downloaded to the computer's download folder that contains the above information in a text file.


  10. On the next page, click ‘Need a legacy API key? Click here.’ 
  11. Click the Create a Legacy API Account button. 
  12. Enter a Username. Take note of the API Path and API Token. Copy and paste the details to save them. You will need these information (credentials) for adding the connection settings in Order Time.

Adding Connection Settings

To start adding and testing the connection settings:

  1. Click on the Gear  icon to access the Admin screen.  
  2. Click Ecommerce Integration under the General section.  
  3. Select Active and click the Add Cart button.
  4. Select BigCommerce by clicking its Add button.
  5. In the Ecommerce Integration Editor page, enter and set the connection settings in the General tab.
  6. Website Name
    • Enter or assign a name for your website.
  7. New API Setup
    • Username: Client ID
    • Password: API Path
    • API Key: Access Token
  8. Legacy API Setup
    • API URL:
      • This is the API Path you generated from Step 12 in the section above IF you are utilizing the legacy API.
      • Enter the BigCommerce API Path for API URL

        (Note: Make sure to remove the '/' following the Path URL or you will get an error)
        Example - to

    • Username:
      • This is the Username you entered in Generating Connection Credentials > Step 12 above.
      • Enter the BigCommerce Username for username.
    • Password:
      • This is the API Token you generated from Generating Connection Credentials > Step 12 above.
      • Enter the BigCommerce API Token for password.
      • Select what you need from the options provided by clicking the corresponding checkbox.
    • Select at least one location if you want to limit the inventory to specific location(s).
    • Click Test Connection.
    • Click Save.