QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Desktop is the top selling accounting system that offers anytime for small businesses. Follow the guide below to integrate Order Time with QuickBooks Desktop.

Downloading the Synchronization Tool

  1. First login to Order Time as a User that is in the Admin Role
  2. Then you can navigate to the Accounting Integration by clicking your company's name at the top right and then clicking on    Accounting Integration in the General section.
  3. Now find QuickBooks Desktop and click Activate
  4. Next, configure the Accounting Integration Settings and click Save when done. 
  5. The final step is to Download the Synchronization Tool onto a computer that will be designated to synchronize with Order Time.   This should be installed on a single computer which is always turned on. 

Only one user should have the sync tool, otherwise you will get duplicates when syncing.

Installing the Synchronization Tool

  1. After downloading the installation file,  double click the file to open and run the installation
  2. Follow the onscreen windows to complete the installation
  3. After the installation you should see a new icon on your desktop called Order Time Sync Tool.  Click this icon to open the tool and you will see the following screen. 

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. To establish the connection for the first time,  you must open QuickBooks as the Admin user in single user mode.   After the initial connection, you can change QuickBooks back to multi-user mode.
  2. Enter the API Key found on the Accounting Integration page as well as your email address.  

  1. Then select the QuickBooks File and click Test Connection. In a few moments QuickBooks shows a Window.    
  2. You should select Yes and confirm. If you select the last option Yes; always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running,  you will need to select a user. This user should have Full access to all areas of QuickBooks.

We recommend you select Yes; always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.  Be advised that this will consume a user license and that user will not be able to log in from another workstation.