Version 1.0.28

Version 1.0.28 - Released July 24, 2020 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published until the official release.

1ADDEDItem Transaction Tab - added the column for the Total Dollar Amount as a column available under the gear for the Transactions Tab 
2ADDEDNew Payment Integrations - New e-payment libraries available for Payeezy, Stripe and Square 
3ADDEDAdded a preference to enter emails that get notified when payments are made via the payment requests that are sent out - so orders can get released when they are paid
4ADDEDAuto BCC on emails - Added the ability to set up Auto BCC on email templates
5ADDEDDisplay currency symbol ($) on prices/costs/amounts on form templates - There is a preference that will do this on the templates
6ADDEDPurchase Orders child list on customer details screen - Hidden by default, useful for companies doing job tracking
7ADDEDOption to auto BCC specific emails on all outgoing emails
8ADDEDFreightPrint Integration - New Shipping Integration for Truck Load Freight - More on that here
9ADDEDFormat all date/times in sync jobs to be in localized time
10ADDEDAdded the Quantity on the On Order Details tab of an item as the new column: Open Quantity.
11ADDEDAbility to close Activies in bulk/batch from the list
12ADDEDAllow capturing partial auth - Previously when capturing a previous auth the user does not have the option to specify how much to capture. This adds a prompt when capture is clicked for the amount.
13ADDEDAdded a Font & Rich Text Editor for emails in the system
14ADDEDReports - Item Sales by Month - Now includes Bill of Materials
15ADDEDAdded a new user preference to BCC yourself
16ADDEDAdded reporting for price levels
17ADDEDAdded totaling of the number of records on the lists
18ADDEDCart Visibility - Customer/Lead Detail - Allow for users to review current cart. Who has an active cart,  Etc.  
19ADDEDAdd to Open Work Order Checkbox in Reorder Analysis - Just like the Add to Open Purchase Order Checkbox but for Work Orders, using the Production side of Reorder Analysis
20ADDEDBatch Actions on Customer Returns - Changing Status and Creating PDF
21ADDEDDocuSign Integration **BETA** - When generating Sales Order, option to save and send via email to customer through DocuSign. Once customer signs via DocuSign, signed copy returned and stored in SO attachments.
22IMPROVEDLedger Report - Dates - Ledger REPORT with opening balances or running balances.
23IMPROVEDImplemented a New Load Balancer for faster performance
24IMPROVEDMemo For Adjustments - Put in Journal Entry - Per line
25IMPROVEDNew Preference under Receiving - 'Allocate Receiver Charges based on' and then there is a drop-down box
26IMPROVEDAttachments have a new 'Done' button after dragging and dropping groups of files into the drop zone.
27IMPROVEDEcommerce Customization - Added an option in Ecom Settings to ADD On Order (PO's only) when updating inventory.   
28IMPROVEDLine Item Edit - Made it so that the Edit button doesn't hide and no double Edit and Save Button
29IMPROVEDCharts e.g Sales Page - Fixed them not displaying
30IMPROVEDAdjusting the Lot # - Resolved with a new pop up screen
31IMPROVEDItem Transaction list needs to have the price/cost
32IMPROVEDQBO New Type to Sync Customer Type
33IMPROVEDRequest for Quote - EComm Integration Proxy Setting - added an option to the integration configuration where any item being downloaded on an order that is not found in Order Time to instead be filed under a MISC item (or one they assign in the integration options) with all the typical sales desc and pricing and quantity data making it onto the order
34IMPROVEDParent Customer / Job - There is a confirm dialog box now when a new Customer is added as a Sub Of a parent customer or job
35IMPROVEDYou can now send Email from a List using the Batch Actions drop-down
36IMPROVEDHTML Email Capable Now! Also a Rich Text Editor
37IMPROVEDCharts - Data field overlap - display issues resolved
38IMPROVEDCertificate for Sync Tool - Updated
39IMPROVEDJob Scheduler - Unable to recover when server becomes unavailable - Created additional failovers so that this doesn't happen
40IMPROVEDNow create a Role Exception for SubTotalAmount if you don't want your Warehouse users to be able to see the charts on the Sales Tab
41IMPROVEDDiscount on receiver - Negative # on Add Cost to put in a discount
42IMPROVEDAdded dependency tables to Sales Order and Work Order Reporting
43IMPROVEDSales Order and Quote Cloning Button under Customer
44IMPROVEDMatrix Report with Comparative
45IMPROVEDValuation for Disassembly when finished
46IMPROVEDUpdated the AntiMalware Scan Interface so that it runs faster for attachments
47IMPROVEDValue amounts on disassembly sped up and calculated when the document is finished
48IMPROVEDCounts don't accidentally duplicate
49IMPROVEDEcommerce - Class and Customer Notes from BigCommerce populating in Order Time
50IMPROVEDNew preference in Purchasing: When creating a linked PO from a Sales Order, copy the Items description.
51IMPROVEDDistributed cache sped up for a faster experience
52IMPROVEDBatch Email - No Template Errors
53IMPROVEDEmail Enhancement Request - The ability to batch email from the Customer list, so that you can sort by the types of Customers you want and shoot them a targeted Email
54IMPROVEDHover over an item on a ShipDoc, fixed to work just like hovering over one on a Sales Order
55IMPROVEDTotal Cost, Margin Markup up on Sales Order 
56IMPROVEDNew Items copy Sales Description to Purchase Description
57IMPROVEDNew Preference to Prevent Changing Status After Requesting Payment
58IMPROVEDItem Quantity Total and Total Line Items line on Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
59IMPROVEDTab for value adjustments on the receiver
60IMPROVEDCustomer Purchase Order as a column on the full payment screen
61IMPROVEDSort Tax Item Drop down on Sales Order 
62IMPROVEDUnable to search for item in a Quote (Multiple items with similar name) - Seperated out the fullname search and then scored the results based on if its an exact match, begining match or not. Then ordered by that criteria.
63IMPROVEDAdd Available column to Sales Order Report - We added the Inventory Status by Location table.
64FIXEDCharts Not Displaying
65FIXEDPrice Level - Rate inconsistencies
66FIXEDLinks within the email templates broken
67FIXEDNew Customer Conversion - Handle bad connection failure
68FIXEDClosing Date not displaying
69FIXEDCustomer Return/RMA Form Ship Address Uses the customers Ship Address
70FIXEDMobile Errors
71FIXEDReorder Analysis should use Owned
72FIXEDCalculated Fields not updating on their own.
73FIXEDCustom Fields not displaying
74FIXEDPurchase Order Status- Approved and Closed
75FIXEDMobile Errors Set 5
76FIXEDPrevent Assign Currency - QBO and QBD
77FIXEDIf a count is finalized and the button clicked more than once duplicate adjustment will get generated.
78FIXEDItemLotRef1 not updating when step on a work order is changed
79FIXEDSync default class assigned to items with QBO
80FIXEDUsers vs license error
81FIXEDCreating a drop ship PO with no sales order creates an empty ship doc
82FIXEDAccounting Integration Custom Fields not displaying
83FIXEDQBD Sync Not Showing Errors For Item Add In Sync Queue Error Log
84FIXEDLot/Serial # add button not working when Chrome language is Romanian
85FIXEDClone was not working with Calculated Custom Fields
86FIXEDManually created bin moves erroring out intermittently 
87FIXEDQB Sync Tool Logic To Avoid Dupes
88FIXEDLabel Template Errors and display issues
89FIXEDLabel Template Concurrency issue
90FIXEDDatabase Cache needed to be sped up!
91FIXEDRoles needed to be developed out for new features
92FIXEDCache Issues Resolved
93FIXEDExpiration Date - 1 day early when creating a new Lot/Ser # Entry
94FIXEDIn Doc Payment
95FIXEDFormEditTemplate - Lookup list saved in json
96FIXEDWhen searching on the Leads list for fields that IsTextProperty is not true customers will show up
97FIXEDCannot edit inline description on Sales Order
98FIXEDPayment screen default payment method on gateway
99FIXEDOpen Quantity columns on Sales Order Items in reporting shows quanttity even if manually closed
100FIXEDReport Edit button fixed
101FIXEDDelete Audit trail error
102FIXEDOn Template - Payment (Negative).  Shows with 2 minus signs.
103FIXEDFilter error for mixture of serialized and non serialized items.
104FIXEDBatch Email Testing errors resolved
105FIXEDIndented BOM display issues resolved
106FIXEDSync Queue Payment issues resolved
107FIXEDCannot Add Category to General Section error
108FIXEDQB Desktop Tool - email with a comma still passes Test Connection
109FIXEDFixed ability to Delete from Sync Queue
110FIXEDIssue with Charts not displaying
111FIXEDQBOTRP. Delete Txn Sync Q - If the val adj is neg, need to delete vendor credit instead of bill. 
112FIXEDLabel Printing - Disassembly - Fixed so that we get the same Line Item and Details options as Work Orders.
113FIXEDAdd Cost - Costing can be negative now
114FIXEDClosed Date - Not getting synced due to Sync Job. 
115FIXEDDate type Filters/Sorts in reports in different formats cause issues
116FIXEDFlatten Error
117FIXEDAttributes are showing on Item Variations when not active - Should Not Show. 
118FIXEDCompany Logo Align Right issue
119FIXEDCustomer Alias - Custom fields would not import.
120FIXEDSales orders generated from quotes - Fixing a report where you can see which Sales Orders were created from Quotes
121FIXEDBilling - Error during resubscribe fixed
122FIXEDFreightPrint Beta Issues Resolved
123FIXEDHTML EMAIL Changing Templates - display errors resolved
124FIXEDItem Vendor - Custom Fields were not working
125FIXEDROA Vendors - Need List Of Item Vendors – put preferred on top, change color - Change Event For Vendor to get the new cost / quantity query.
126FIXEDMissing Value Amounts in Disassembly - value amount calculation was missing in the ‘summary’
127FIXEDItem Page - Summary not filtered for location
128FIXEDContact email character limit - extended on certain screens
129FIXEDCannot Add Lot # to a Split Work Order
130FIXEDBoM - Minor issues - When cloning a BoM, phantom status will be copied over - When changing the line item position within a BoM fixed display issues with other line items.
131FIXEDLot / Ser Duplicate - Cleaned Up
132FIXEDSetting group on import - Does not seem to pick up the unit of measure
133FIXEDFill Status on PO List - Broken, issue resolved
134FIXEDIf a Custom Field is Added/Removed - Should also update the Report Fields.
135FIXEDTake a look at the google charts CSS - display, etc.
136FIXEDShipping Integration - FreightPrint - Added a popup when the username or password is blank
137FIXEDAdjustment Sync QBD - If there is no values, do not sync.
138FIXEDCorrecting the Customer File / Primary Ship Address / Phone - Display issues solved.
139FIXEDSales Tax calculation for Shipping which is taxable in certain States
140FIXEDTax issues - display bug
141FIXEDOrder Time / Shopify integration - Taxes - Fixed an issue where tax-exempt items were being calculated with tax
142FIXEDLabels Disappear - Fixed an issue with disappearing labels under certain circumstances
143FIXEDPrevent Work order from BoM with inactive steps
144FIXEDCustomer Create Role - Fixed a Role issue where customers could still be created
145FIXEDIssue adding another user over 10 users after initial sub
146FIXEDTotal Amount Adjustments - fixing how Filters are applied
147FIXEDCustomer Is Taxable in QBO
148FIXEDWork Order issue - User Location Errors
149FIXEDError Message Work Order - No jumping across, have to go status to status
150FIXEDChanging the promise date after ship doc was created
151FIXED3dcart some items aren't updating inventory
152FIXEDQB Desktop tool - Failed to Load settings
153FIXEDEcommerce Sales Order Billing/Shipping company name incorrectly displaying
154FIXEDLogins with No TenantLogin - Fixed an Error when you change the User's Email Address
155FIXEDReferential integrity - Fixed an error in logging the User ID to the Source
156FIXEDMobile Fixes: Preferences, Bins, Unused Properties, Ship Doc Statuses, UOMs, UOM Sets, Settings, Initial Load Time
157FIXEDShopify API Changes - Migrated to the new API Version
158FIXEDAmazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront migrating default certificates to Amazon Trust Services in March 2021
159FIXEDEcom Proxy customer option adds customer in OrderTime, add config option - Added a checkbox directly under or above the dropdowns that will enable Order Time to also not create customers but instead use the customer selected
160FIXEDFixed an error where Onboarding would charge twice when resuming a subscription
161FIXEDWe now test to see if there is Javascript in any template text, for extra security
162FIXEDSecurity Recommendations Implemented - further restricting and protecting the integrity of all data
163FIXEDDocuSign Fixes - Multiple users, how the oauth is handled, include the user name in Additional Recipients and CC 
164FIXEDDaily Sync Skipped if a manual sync is run - Instead it should always run at the scheduled time unless a job is already in progress.
165FIXEDSwapped the URL that the ShipStation Image goes to under Shipping Integrations
166FIXEDSet the URL that the FreightPrint Image goes to under Shipping Integrations