Setting Up Document Statuses


Document status helps you control the movement of transactions through your work flow and they are available on all Transactions.  The system comes prepackaged with a set of statuses for each document Type, however, you can add and assign new ones as needed. These prepackaged statuses will auto apply to your documents based on certain rules.

Adding a Document Status

For instance, on a Sales Order, a status can be created that states an Item requires a payment. This would cause the document to change its status to Payment Pending. Once the Payment is received, and all lines of the Sales Order are Shipped, the document will auto set itself to Closed.

To edit your Document Statuses go to Admin. Under the General section, click Doc Status and select the Document you like to alter from the list on the left side of your screen. After selecting the Document, you can re-arrange the status order by pressing the three horizontal lines icon and moving the line into the correct position.

To create a new Status, click on the blank slot under Name and give your status a Name. Select the Status Type from the drop-down menu. Finally, if you want the status to be Active, leave the box checked in the 4th column. Unchecking it will make the status inactive (Press Enter).  

Certain status types cannot be replicated because they are used by the system. For example, the Closed status of a Sales Order is a system status; there can only be one and therefore, cannot be replicated.

Users can only delete their created statuses by pressing the delete (X) icon under the Actions column. The auto default settings cannot be deleted (Press Enter). The following pop up window will appear when a status is deleted.

Select new status and click Save