Version 1.0.31

Version 1.0.31 - Released October 27, 2021 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release.




1ADDEDSales Order Allocation
2ADDEDRepair Orders Implemented
3ADDEDCustomer Address Validation: Implemented US Address Verification for Ship To Addresses (It will prompt with Replace & Save, Keep Mine & Save or Cancel)
4ADDEDPayment Alerts now include the Customer Name in the Title
5ADDEDAbility to select the BOM Version when creating linked Work Orders
6ADDEDConsignment Implemented
7ADDEDReport: Open Sales Orders by Item and Customer (to show OPEN balances on open Sales Orders. Total Amount - Shipped EXT = OPEN amount.)
8ADDEDAbility to auto send invoices after Ship Doc is marked as Shipped (added via Alerts for Status change)
9ADDEDAbility to accept eChecks/ACH Payments (Works for Authorize.Net, BluePay, and QuickBooks Payments
10ADDEDEnhanced Replace Component button to Bill of Materials List (Can Replace, Add, Subtract, Copy BoM)
11ADDEDAdded Time of Day Restriction as an Advanced Security Feature
12ADDEDAdded IP Restriction as an Advanced Security Feature
13ADDEDAdded Two-Factor Authentication as an Advanced Security Feature
14ADDEDYou can use Batch Action on the Sales Order, Ship Docs, Quote, Purchase Order, and Receiver Lists to Export Docs to CSV
15ADDEDSearch Work Orders has been added as a Quick Link in the Production tab
16ADDEDAPI Endpoint added for Attachments
17ADDEDAPI Endpoint added for Sales Order Line Item
18ADDEDAPI Endpoint added for Fill Line Item
19ADDEDAPI Endpoint added for Tasks
API Endpoint added for Item Images

1IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Items: Number of records to show when searching an item in a document (This is for the auto-fill searches, Max 20)
2IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Shipping: Once shipped, line items with 0 quantity shipped should remain on the ship doc.
3IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Purchasing: After creating a Receiver for a linked PO, create the corresponding Ship Doc OR allocate to the corresponding Work Order.
4IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Purchasing: After creating a Receiver for a linked PO, allocate to the corresponding Sales Order or Work Order.
5IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Purchasing: Copy vendor notes to memo
6IMPROVEDNew Company Preference for Activities: When sending external emails, use the current user's email and name. Uncheck to use the 'Default from email' in Company Info.
7IMPROVEDCreate Support Login now shows Expiration Date and Timestamp
8IMPROVEDUsing the Batch Action to Create PDF on a List will open the PDF in a New Tab
9IMPROVEDAdded new Role Permissions to restrict Fulfillment Batch
10IMPROVEDRole Exception to be able to hide the costs on an Items page and specifically on the On Order detail
11IMPROVEDAble to import Lots or Serial Numbers into a Doc without having to specify the item
12IMPROVEDCustom Field Editor now has an option to Allow Negative Values. Works for Integers, Cost, Quantity, Price, and Amount
13IMPROVEDAdded In Transit to the summary box on Items, between Committed and On Order
14IMPROVEDCan set the default Account and Location for New Adjustments and Counts
15IMPROVEDAbility to set a Date Range for the Batch Shipping
16IMPROVEDCustomer Ref. on Purchase Order Line Item and Receiver Line Item
17IMPROVEDNon-Admin Roles can be set to manage Ecommerce or Accounting Integration functionality
18IMPROVEDAbility to Map Item Group to Custom field in QuickBooks Desktop
19IMPROVEDAbility to reorganize the lines on a Ship Doc like you can with the Sales Orders
20IMPROVEDAdded the currency symbol next to the amounts on Forms
21IMPROVEDAbility to import line items onto a Transfer just like you can on a Sales Order
22IMPROVEDWhen doing a Transfer we first check the default bin, then move on to other On Hand bins until the quantity is fulfilled
23IMPROVEDFOB and Shipping Method as fields on Vendors so they can default on Purchase Orders
24IMPROVEDAbility to import the package information on the Ship Docs, Cost and Package Details
25IMPROVEDAbility to add data fields from the Packages tab to both Forms and Reports
26IMPROVEDAbility to update a line item Custom Field on a Vendor Return or Customer Return via the API
27IMPROVEDGive a warning when you add a duplicate Line Item to a Sales Order
28IMPROVEDCustomer PO Field as a column displayed on the Required Detail tab of an Item
29IMPROVEDAbility to import Ship Doc Line Items
30IMPROVEDAbility to import Manufacturers
31IMPROVEDOrder Increment under Item Vendor can now allow decimals
32IMPROVEDLinked Drop Ship Purchase Order has Customer Promise Date on it
33IMPROVEDShower Back Order from Purchase Order on Receiving
34IMPROVEDFor Linked POs, Auto-send PO Email to Vendor, and Mark as Sent (this is achieved via the Alerts Automation)
35IMPROVEDAbility to add a default CC field to Email Templates
36IMPROVEDAbility for Memo-type Custom Fields to display line breaks on Form Templates
37IMPROVEDAbility to manually sync a single order from BigCommerce
38IMPROVEDAdded Vendor Part No as a search field on Item list
39IMPROVEDCan add Shipping Instructions to multiple locations on a Quote Form layout
40IMPROVEDThe Remove Filter button is now highlighted in an orange color so that it is easier to see when there are filters applied
41IMPROVEDThe amount of Custom Fields per Vendor has been increased to 20
42IMPROVEDPrice Level UI Improvements
43IMPROVEDAbility to add multiple targets in Value Adjustment for the same Item
44IMPROVEDIn the Dependency tab of a document, when you add a Linked Work Order, it will now have the checkboxes like the Linked PO Button. For each box selected, the Quantity will set to the Required. For each one unselected, the Quantity will go to 0.
45IMPROVEDRemoved the Cost requirement for creating a Purchase Order from Reorder Analysis

1FIXEDColumns with numbers on the Ship Doc were not right-justified
2FIXEDCustom Field Types have been Alphabetized
3FIXEDAccounts lists have been Alphabetized
4FIXEDFixed an issue where opening an Email template would delete the info in the BCC field
5FIXEDFixed an issue where adding a Kit variation would remove Components
6FIXEDFixed an issue with Auto Receive from Drop Ship
7FIXEDThe shipping address fields are not populating when they are added to the Purchase Order list screen
8FIXEDFixed an issue where you couldn't reorder Sales Orders with Kits properly
9FIXEDFixed an issue where Shopify Tax Rates were not matching up correctly with their Order Time counterparts
10FIXEDDisplay issue where an Item name showed up correctly on orders and in the list but incorrectly on Reports
11FIXEDFixed an issue with the run analysis screen adding filters on its own
12FIXEDBatch shipment was allowing Ship Docs with no quantity on any lines to be created
13FIXEDDisplay issue where events that were added were showing in the wrong time slot on the calendar view
14FIXEDFixed an issue with Ecommerce orders involving Kits and Kit pricing
15FIXEDFixed an issue where List filters weren't clearing when clicking the funnel button
16FIXEDFixed an issue where the Drop Ship - Ship To address wasn't changing based on the Customer Address
17FIXEDFlatten should now order the Steps properly, with Steps on the lowest sub-assembly first
18FIXEDFixed a bug with the Work Order UPC field
19FIXEDFixed an issue where importing a Sales Order Line Item wouldn't populate Custom Fields properly
20FIXEDFixed a display issue where the Vendor column would appear on Reorder Analysis for Work Orders and Production
21FIXEDFixed a display issue on the Open Activities Tab when you updated a Task it would create it in a new row instead of just updating the same row
22FIXEDFixed an issue where the Outlook integration would disconnect intermittently
23FIXEDBigCommerce Setup Instructions have been updated due to changes
24FIXEDFixed an issue where Batch Fulfillment was looking at the Sales Order promise date instead of the line item promise dates
25FIXEDFixed an issue where Receiver's valuation would not change until the status was changed to Received