Inventory Valuation 'At Date' Report


In this report you will be viewing a snapshot of your Inventory Values and Quantities as they were on a specific date.

Steps to Create

  • Go to Reports
  • Click on the tab for All Reports
  • We are going to use the Inventory valuation report as a base for the new report and add a new parameter.

Click on small pen and paper icon to customize the report

  • Go to the Filters Tab
  • Click on the Item Transactions Table to lower the drop down
  • Drag over the Date Column

  • Click on the new filter you just added and choose Between in the drop-down that will appear on the bottom of the screen
  • Only enter a date in the second date field. This will be your 'At Date'
  • Click on Save As and save this report as Inventory Valuation At Date
  • Click on View to see your new report representing Quantities and Values at that specific date

Reproduce the steps to change and save a new date whenever you need to update the report.