Version 1.0.21

Version 1.0.21, Released December 18, 2018 - Known issues fixed and new features added as follows:

AddedPreference to enter bill of material components as percentages.
AddedPreference to capture a signature on a ship doc. The signature can subsequently be printed using the Form Designer.  
AddedThe ability to use formulas in (i.e. Calculated) custom fields
AddedItem bar codes. This is used when the same product has different bar codes depending on the # of units contained therein.  (e.g. inner and outer boxes)
AddedQuick Build - The ability to create and finish a work order from a sales order's Dependency tab. 
AddedPreference in Accounting Integration to include Customer/Job on Bill for linked purchase orders. 
FixedVarious issues with the Label Designer. Please note, you will need to delete then re-add the LABEL elements. 
FixedVarious issues with BigCommerce integration.
FixedSales Rep was not getting transferred from sales order to ship doc. 
FixedShip Doc did not expose Shipping Instructions.
FixedAbility to use In Transit as the trigger to Sync Bills or Item receipts with your accounting system. 
FixedReorder Analysis stuck at 99%.
FixedAuto-create ship doc after drop ship purchase order is received. 
FixedForm Designer - Order of item properties and error when changing the design and saving. 
FixedMagento duplicate items issue resolved.