Payment Gateway


To process credit cards with the software, you MUST have an open account with a credit card processing company.

Enter a Payment Gateway 

Before you begin selling, you need to list all of the payment processing gateways that you have accounts with by entering your log in information for those accounts on the Payment Gateways menu screen (Admin --> Profile List --> Payment Gateway)

The available Gateways are located on the left side of your screen, while the Gateway details appear on the right.

You first need to give the Payment Gateway a Name, Select if the Gateway is Active and if the Gateway is the Default Payment Gateway and then select  your credit card processing company (Gateway Type) from the drop down list. 

If you have multiple payment gateways, there is an option within the payment entry screen, in the Sales order and Ship Doc, that will allow you to select the gateway when receiving the customer's payment.

Currently Order Time works with, Bluepay, Payflow Pro, QuickBooks Merchant Services & USAePay

QuickBooks Merchant Services

When you select QuickBooks Merchant Services from the Gateway drop-down list, you will be presented with a few things.

An explanation of the gateway:

To process credit cards through Order Time, Quickbooks Merchant Services requires a Connection Ticket. Click the button below to open a web browser where you will be required to login into your account to retreive a new Connection Ticket. Once you have retreived it, copy and paste it into the entry field below.
Note: By default Quickbooks Merchant Accounts are not setup to allow payments to be processed by 3rd party applications. To enable this, go to your Merchant Account Portal (, login and go to the Account menu and select Processing Settings and make sure that Web Store processing is turned on.

A button that says Get Connection Ticket:

 and a field to enter your Connection Ticket details.


   • Click on Get Connection Ticket
   • Sign into QuickBooks Merchant Services
   • When asked for the domain, enter:
   • Copy the Connection Ticket Details shown into the Connection Ticket field in Order Time
   • Click Save in the upper-right corner of the Payment Gateway section