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Discover how to elevate your Order Time Inventory experience with comprehensive reports and dashboards that transform high-level charts into actionable insights. Learn how to create stunning interactive dashboards, amalgamate data from various systems like CRMs, e-commerce, and accounting, and gain a holistic view of your business. Don't miss out on understanding how Easy Insight's intuitive report builder can simplify your inventory data analysis.

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Key Benefits of the Easy Insight Integration


Take advantage of prebuilt dashboards and easily create your own reports


Track customers and orders through CRM, e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping, and accounting

Take Action

Create inventory forecasts, commission reports, production plans, and more

Order Time Inventory Reports Made Easy

Create beautiful interactive dashboards on your inventory data. Combine it with other systems such as CRMs, e-commerce, accounting, and other SaaS products to get a full view of the business.

Create Custom Reports and Dashboards

Easy Insight's report builder automatically pulls over your Order Time Inventory orders, customers, purchases, and more to create the custom reports you need in a few clicks. Get meaningful insights into your inventory data.

Why Use Easy Insight With Order Time Inventory?

Looking for more use cases for why you should use Easy Insight with Order Time Inventory? Here are some of the various ways our customers have used Easy Insight:

Financial Reporting

  • Automate commission reports
  • Set goals for products or your sales team

Data Validation

  • Make sure your SKUs and their prices match with your e-commerce integrations
  • Ensure your orders from e-commerce integrations are coming into Order Time Inventory
  • Compare orders to your accounting invoices in Xero and QuickBooks Online to make sure your financials are accurate


  • Report on sales velocity to help calculate projected inventory demand
  • Caculate safety stock amounts using a variety of possible formulas
  • Calculate inventory turnover to find overstocked items and reduce your warehouse costs
  • Look at lead time trends by supplier to identify which suppliers are falling behind on fulfilling your purchase orders


  • Send out a daily email of overdue orders, stock adjustments, or anything else

Full View of Your Business

  • Allocate shipping costs from your shipping integration back to your orders
  • Pull in historical sales and purchase data from the systems you used prior to using Order Time Inventory
  • Display stock levels and operational metrics on a TV screen in your warehouse

Learn more about the Integration