Creating an Internal Repair Order


There are 2 types of Repair Order, Internal & External.

  • Internal
    • Repair
      • Taking broken item in my inventory and repairing it to keep it in stock.
  • External
    • Return & Repair for Customer
      • Customer sends in a broken unit, you fix it and return it to the Customer
    • Return & Repair for Stock
      • Customer sends in a broken unit, you fix it and return the Repaired Item to Stock
    • Return & Replace
      • Customer sends in a broken unit and you Replace the Item, sending them a Replacement immediately after inspecting the unit.

Enabling Repair Orders and Setting Repair Preferences

Learn More About External Repair Orders

Creating an Internal Repair Order

  • Click on the Create New drop-down and select Repair Order
  • Alternatively click on the Open Full List drop-down and select Repair Orders
    • Then click New Repair Order

Creating an internal repair order

  • Select the Date and Estimated Completion Date
  • Pick the Internal Repair Type
  • Select the Item
  • Pick the Lot / Serial Number
  • Pick the Location and Bin
  • Enter the Quantity for Repair
  • Assign an Employee if necessary
  • Click on the Descriptions and Notes Tab
    • Write a Description for the Repair
    • Enter specific Technician Notes
  • Click on the Custom Tab
    • Fill in any specific Custom Fields if necessary

Repair Order Screen

  • Add Components that are necessary for the repair, very similar to a Work Order
    • The Estimated Quantity is what you think you'll need, when you click the Allocate button it will Allocate all
    • The Quantity column is the true amount that was used.
    • You can enter a Std. Cost and a Value Amount
  • Click on the Problem Codes column
    • Add Problem Codes to show the recurring issues that are happening to the Item
  • Repair History, Linked Documents, Movement History, Attachments, Open Activities, Activity History
    • All these columns are similar to Work Orders and other Documents
  • Click on Allocate and set the Status to Approved
  • Click on the Actions drop-down and select the correct Action when the Repair Order is ready to move forward:
    • Write Off
      • Write off the Inventory as Lost, Repair Failed
      • Inventory Adjustment to reduce the inventory
    • Return to Inventory
      • Return to Inventory, Repair Completed
      • Prompted whether or not to capitalize on the cost of the Repair. Yes = Value Adjustment and close Repair. No = No Value Adjustmnet and close Repair. 
    • Create vendor return
      • Return to vendor for a credit
      • Can create Debit Memo
  • Selecting these sets the Status of the Repair Order to Closed