Webinar - Inventory Counts for the New Year


  • Create the Count in Order Time
  • Perform Count and populate the ‘Quantity Counted’
  • If the item is not counted,  leave blank
  • Change Status to Approved
  • Click Finalize
  • Adjustment is created
  • A Count does not adjust inventory until the Count is Finalized


  • Location: Counts are Location specific
  • Date:  An ‘As Of’ date. The ‘Quantity in System’ is reflective of Quantity On Hand at the end of the day for the date selected. Subsequent transactions will NOT be reflected in the Count
  • Account:   Do not select an Inventory account, typically a Costs Account should be used. E.g. Inventory Adjustment 
  • Rules:
    • Quantity in System is called On Hand NOT called Available
    • Ship Docs not shipped [Committed] ARE On Hand
    • Transfers and Receivers marked In Transit ARE NOT On Hand
    • Components Allocated on Work Orders ARE On Hand

Performing the Count

  • Filtering and Sorting the List
  • Updating Quantity Counted
    • Manually
    • Import
    • All Orders Mobile
  • Adding an Item not on the Count
  • Changing Bins on the Count

Helpful Resources