QuickBooks Connector - What Syncs, What Doesn't

The tool we are referring to is the Order Time QuickBooks Connector (OTQBC)

As you work in Order Time (i.e. adding a customer, or changing a ship doc status to shipped, or finishing a work order), records are added to the Sync Queue.  They stay there until a Sync Job is created which directs Order Time to perform a sync.  A sync job can be created manually or you can set a schedule to create sync jobs at regular intervals. See accounting integration settings.

OTQBC waits for Sync Jobs by checking the Order Time server every 15 minutes (or on demand by clicking the Start Now button). Once the sync is done the responses are sent back to Order Time with a list of sync errors if any are present.

OTQBC should only be installed on one machine. In other words, only one machine will sync with Order Time. Check here for a list of what syncs between Order Time and QuickBooks.

On the security side of things, our QuickBooks Connector takes full advantage of SSL encryption. This ensures that the data sent between your machine and the Order Time servers is encrypted and safe from intruders. For more information, check out our article on  Order Time Security & Backups.