Excel Converted Number to Scientific Notation


When exporting data from Order Time it is most often opened in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel often tries to format numbers for you. Sometimes this causes a problem with numbers being replaced with scientific notation. 


Here are the steps to take to fix this issue:

  1. Open a blank workbook in Excel
  2. Click the “Data” tab and then, next to the “Get Data” option in the upper left, click “From Text/CSV”
  3. In the Import Data window, select the file you need to open and then click “Import”.
  4. In the lower right corner of the next window that pops up, click “Transform Data”.
  5. Select any cell in the pop up window.
  6. Use “Ctrl+A” to select all columns and then, from the “Data Type” dropdown in the middle top of the window, select “Text” from the drop down menu.
  7. In the “Change Column Type” window that pops up, click “Replace Current”
  8. In the upper left hand corner, click “Close & Load”
  9. All the data should then be imported cleanly into the blank workbook.