All Orders Mobile - Warehouse Overview

The Warehouse activity offers multiple functions to help you track and manage your inventory in locations and bins.   

Scanning with the Warehouse function is slightly different.   Instead of having a scan box for each Bin, Item and Lot or Serial # (if applicable).   You designate which you are scanning using radio buttons.  This allows you to scan either the Bin first then the Item or the Item first then the Bin.    In the following example I first scanned the Bin B then Item 1987-H.  The Radio button moves to the Lot/Ser# so you can just scan that if applicable. Note that as you scan you will see the status of what already has been scanned.   (Note: you can also type and press the Enter key or button to effectuate a scan)

If you decide to start scanning Item first then All Orders Mobile will automatically set the Bin to either the default Bin of the item or if not found, the location in question. the default Bin of the Location being used.  So if you want to specify a Bin that is neither then all ways start with the Bin.

Another difference in the Warehouse activity is that it does not require that you 'Check Out' an existing order so it can be processed. Rather you start working immediately.   The only requirement is that the Item and / or Bin that you are working on already exists in Order Time.

The final difference is that you can process different transaction types at the same time.   In other words, you can create multiple adjustments,  bin moves and transfers then submit them to the server in a batch.

Warehousing Menu

The Warehousing menu is your starting point.  Simply click any of the buttons to navigate to the appropriate screen.

The following describes what each button does.




Allows the user to find the Bin location of an Item, Lot or Serial # as well as can find all the Items contained in a Bin.    


Allows the user to Add or Deduct inventory from a specific location and bin.

Move Bin

Allows the users to move inventory from Bin to Bin.

Transfer Location

Allows the user to transfer inventory from Location to Location

See List

Allows the user to see pending adjustments, bin moves and transfers.

Submit Scans

Allows the user to submit pending adjustments,  bin moves and transfers to so that they can be reflected in All Orders.

Change Activity

Navigates the user to the main activity selector.