Video - QuickBooks Online: Connecting & Syncing

Hey this is Michael from NumberCruncher here to show you how to connect and sync your QuickBooks Online accounting to Order Time inventory!

Helpful Resources:

QuickBooks Online Syncing
Accounting Integration Settings
Accounting Sync Queue
Accounting Sync Job 

The Order Time accounting integration with QuickBooks Online only supports PLUS & ADVANCED plans at this time.

It DOES NOT support Simple Start or Essentials.


Hey, Mike D here to show you how to quickly connect and sync your QuickBooks online with Order Time inventory. 

Just click on the COG up here, head to accounting integration, click connect to QuickBooks. After entering your Intuit authentication information, hit connect. You’ll see a lot of accounting integration settings here, but you can just hit save so you can come back to these. 

To get back to those settings, just come back to the configure button right here. 

But you’re going to want to go to view sync jobs and now just click new sync job. As you can see, it’s going to be a little bit and then once it’s finished, you’re all synced.

And that’ll conclude this video.