Cycle Count Quantities


This article is to help better explain how the quantities work on a Cycle Count. 


A user opens Order Time and processes the Sales Orders from overnight. Then created Ship Docs for those Sales Orders. The next step was to create a new Count. At the end of the day all of the Ship Docs were marked Shipped. Then the data from the Count was entered back into Order Time. 

This showed the inventory off by the exact amount that had been shipped. 


Counts operate with "On Hand" data which would include the items in Ship Docs that are un-shipped or "committed" items. In the example above the items in the ship docs would be included on the exported count. Once the Ship Docs were marked as "shipped" those items they were no longer "On Hand" in the system. 

When the warehouse was preforming the count they did not include the items on the ship docs but should have.