Company Preferences - Inventory


The Inventory Section of your Company Preference settings allows you edit specific settings pertaining to your Inventory Control. You have the option to:

When Creating a Count

  • Exclude Allocated items  
  • Exclude Items in Production 
  • Exclude Committed Items


  • Allow Negative Inventory.
  • Include pending customer returns in available Inventory.
  • Include Inventory in Transit in Available.
  • Always allocate inventory from the default bin first
  • Enforce allocation to dependencies from linked transactions
  • Can Make quantities should be calculated based on Net Available instead of Available
  • Show breakdown of inventory by location in item pop ups
  • Set default location and account for new Adjustments
  • Use Available instead of On Hand for bin moves

The Allow negative inventory quantity preference allows an Item's inventory quantity to fall into negative values. For best practices, this is not recommended!

Click on Save when done.