Version 1.0.29

Version 1.0.29 - Released November 12, 2020 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release.

1ADDEDFreeze headers on lists/reports - So when you scroll on long reports you can still see what each column means.
2ADDEDNew List - Inventory Status By Location
3ADDEDEvery Full List has Auto-Fill for Filtering on Customers, Vendors, and More
4ADDEDNew Report Types For Warehouse Reports: Quantity Adjustments & Value Adjustments
5ADDEDNew Report Types For Inventory Reports: Item Transactions and Open Orders (All Orders Customers will remember this as the Deficiency Detail Report)
6ADDEDAbility to Export Orders to CSV straight from the Orders themselves.
7ADDEDAbility to GET / ADD / UPDATE a Kit Item via the API
8ADDEDRemove 0 quantity lines from Ship Docs - applied when you change the status to shipped.
9ADDEDPercent as an option for a custom field data type - If a calculated field is a percentage it should resolve to it’s decimal value.
10ADDEDEvents or tasks to SMS - Company Preferences, Under Activities - Make sure to add a Cellphone Carrier and Mobile Number to each User you want to receive SMS.
11ADDEDAbility to Add custom fields to Production Order
12ADDEDAdded 'On Orders' and 'ETA' to the Inventory Status By Location List.
13ADDEDOption to set up an alert for Payment Received
14ADDEDAbility to change the Purchase Order Vendor after the document is saved
15ADDEDAbility to import a Purchase Order from a CSV
16ADDEDOption for auto fill to be turned on when creating ship docs for all items besides the ones with serial number tracking
17ADDEDAuto complete search box on lists should take into account filters on list - So if you are on the sales order list and it is filtered to only show open orders, the auto complete when searching should only suggest open orders.
18ADDEDAbility to create a Production Order from a Sales Order

1IMPROVEDConfigurable Bill of Materials POP - Rules - when you add a new Component/Config it clears out the Selections and Rules
2IMPROVEDSet a rule to search for sync jobs that are active and set to auto sync but haven't synced for a day or more to refresh them.
3IMPROVEDFix for possible cause for Stuck Sync Jobs
4IMPROVEDAPI List Controller - Added support for the correct Path for Attachments
5IMPROVEDImproved the rounding for Calculated Fields
6IMPROVEDImprovements to Page Load Times
7IMPROVEDNewest outside Security Audit shows no flaws, Passed our third security review
8IMPROVEDQuickBooks API Annual Security Review - Passed
9IMPROVEDUpdated Spanish Language Sections
10IMPROVEDMade it so that Order Time Trial Accounts can NOT send Emails. Customers can request access if necessary for testing purposes.
11IMPROVEDNew Launcher for the guides in the Admin section
12IMPROVEDEdit button for Leads in the right place
13IMPROVEDAdded Shipping Regions to Locations
14IMPROVEDImproved the functionality of the Bin Move operation
15IMPROVEDBetter backups with reduced load time

1FIXEDFixed an error that occurred when hitting the back button after selecting a Company File
2FIXEDFixed an error when filtering names not IDs
3FIXEDFixed Login Page Errors for New Users
4FIXEDFixed an error where trying to enter customer item numbers would give an error message
5FIXEDPrice Level Groups cannot refer to themselves
6FIXEDBug where Conversions don't Convert default Item Images correctly
7FIXEDBug with switching other charge to service or a non part item
8FIXEDBug where Unit of Measure Sets were duplicating alternates
9FIXEDCannot select properties when creating Calculated Field for order line date
10FIXEDOn a Purchase Order that is approved/closed if you add a column to the line items the action column disappears
11FIXEDKit Rules on a Bill of Materials weren't saving when reloading
12FIXEDOptional Kit Component Not Rechecked after you edit the first time - Improved the Kit Rule UI
13FIXEDAdjustment list not showing amounts - All 0's even though the adjustments have amounts. Confirmed to be an issue.
14FIXEDWhen a Calculated Field uses another field (e.g. iteminventory) check to copy that field first.
15FIXEDRe-record with Date Fails on Value Adjustment Check
16FIXEDSubtotal Changing after Status Change - As you add items the ship doc is re-calculated. When you change status there is another re-calculation
17FIXEDWhen deleting line items check for value adjustments - We check to make sure it does not cause negative inventory. Now we also check if the units have been revalued and error out if so.
18FIXEDDate type Filters/Sorts in List - Needed to save international format - If two users have different formats for their dates and one puts a sort/filter for a date on a report, it will not work properly for the other. 
19FIXEDFixed an error where Verified Email override doesn't change Reply To list
20FIXEDFixed an error where Total Records on a Profile List wouldn't update until your refresh the page
21FIXEDFixed the Inventory Ledger by Location Report to correct the Running Total
22FIXEDFixed an error where the Ledger Report was repeating some headers
23FIXEDClosing Activity is not Going to History
24FIXEDFilter names weren't using custom captions
25FIXEDReorder point by location not working - When you try to save it gives you an object reference error
26FIXEDEnter Inline Quantity on Ship Doc when inventory is not in default bin
27FIXEDAuto complete search terms weren't working with an ampersand
28FIXEDNotes on Customer - Not available on Sales Order / Ship Doc
29FIXEDMemo Fields were broken when you add a code character especially when saving a Vendor or a PO
30FIXEDFixed an error changing the location on a Vendor Return
31FIXEDDocuSign Activities / Alerts
32FIXEDMade it so that the drop-downs close when you print a PDF or labels. It shouldn't get stuck open!
33FIXEDDeleting a custom field could corrupt a Saved Layout - Now it will throw to a default instead of an error
34FIXEDShopify line item discounts not being applied
35FIXEDIf you set a location filter and then open it back up to edit, it does not stick on the Reorder Analysis
36FIXEDDeleting a Customer or Lead was not deleting the B2B login
37FIXEDDates for Activity on Home - Some filters not working
38FIXEDResolved errors when saving templates
39FIXEDBatch Emailing wasn't emailing the contact assigned to the document
40FIXEDFixed an error in the b2b config where if it wasn't saved during creation, it wouldn't load back up
41FIXEDThe Domain Name for your B2B Portal cannot have a space!
42FIXEDFixed a Label Template loading error
43FIXEDFixed a Batch Action Value Adjustment error
44FIXEDFixed an error when saving label templates
45FIXEDCustom Captions now considered on Summary Doc
46FIXEDShip Doc Item Quantity Ordered not showing on Report
47FIXEDB2B Config - Featured Products - If the item list is long it took forever to load the config
48FIXEDFixed a Ship Doc Sub Total Issue where it was being calculated wrong
49FIXEDLedger Report set to All Data filter wasn't starting at the beginning
50FIXEDNew Look up for filters on lists and reports - made sure custom fields work
51FIXEDAudit Trail for Delete Count
52FIXEDError with drill down on Inventory Valuation
53FIXEDFixed problems that would cause duplicated adjustments
54FIXEDFixed an error where reports were missing fields
55FIXEDImage and Attachment Links forced to be https:// for security reasons
56FIXEDKit Price rounding issue that was changing the totals from Sales Order to Ship Docs
57FIXEDFixed the Tax Setting from being cleared on Customer Addresses
58FIXEDImport of item vendor data which then updates standard cost, does not trigger the function to re-calculate item custom fields.