Creating Reports
Overview Reports help in making better business decisions. Reports that are made of carefully selected data and sound analysis provide guidance for a more effective inventory management. Order Time offers a dynamic and simple-to-use Reports tool. T...
Customizing Reports
Overview The Report tool provides useful options to help you customize your reports based on your business needs and evaluation requirements. You can design your reports by selecting the settings of tables and columns; and modifying properties to s...
Viewing Existing Reports
Overview One of the features of the Report tool is you can drill down to the details of the report. You can view more or less detail as needed with several clicks.  Viewing Existing Reports  Access the report that you want to view fr...
Sorting Reports
Overview Reports can be sorted by almost any field, but  only up to three fields can be selected at a time. Most reports have a default sort order that can be customized. Sorting Reports To access your reports screen, click on the Report...
Creating a Pivot Table Report
Here's a quick set of instructions for creating a Pivot style Report in Order Time.
Add Images to Reports
Adding images for your Items to reports in Order Time.
Creating a Report Schedule New
A dynamic and simple-to-use Report Scheduler tool from Order Time.