Troubleshooting Solutions


Create Support Login
Order Time now has the ability to authorize a "support login" by the administrator of your account. This article is going to explain how to authorize the support login, the purpose of the support login and how to remove the support login.
View your Ticket Dashboard - Order Time Inventory has given you access to the Customer Portal
How to access and utilize the Order Time Customer Portal for our support ticketing system.
500 Server Error - Your request cannot be processed due to a critical error. Please contact support.
Resolving the 500 Server Error: 500 Server Error - Your request cannot be processed due to a critical error. Please contact support.
Google Authenticator - New Two-Factor Authentication
Google Authenticator is our New Two-Factor Authentication method and you can simply download the authenticator app on your mobile device and use it for authentication on Order Time Inventory.
Stop Email Delivery Issues: Verify Your Domain
Verify your domain today to avoid having your emails sent from Order Time end up in your customer's SPAM!
[Action required] Apps on your Shopify store require updating before January 2, 2024
Overview Some of our customers have received the following email about changes with Shopify -  [Action required] Apps on your Shopify store require updating before January 2, 2024 No Fixes Necessary We updated our integration with t...
Outlook 365 Integration: Whitelist the Order Time Domain
How to whitelist the Order Time domain so that you can send email via Outlook 365 through our Mail Integration.
Inventory Values are not immediately being updated
Inventory Valuations are Deferred Since the 1.0.32 update all inventory calculations are done after the fact in a separate process. Meaning that you will not immediately see the Value Amounts  appear for a given transaction. Instead, the rec...
Error When Viewing Customer - Rentals Tab - This feature is not enabled
Symptom When viewing a customer or lead,  you get an error 'This feature is not enabled'. Solution Edit the details page layout and make the rental tab invisible.  Confirm, then click Save.  ...
Service Items on Work Orders
Issue: If you have a Work Order that has a Service Item as a component and then also complete a linked PO for that same service Item, arent you double accounting that Item?  Solution: No, when a Work Order component is consumed it is technic...
Missing Components on Bills of Material
The components on your Bill of Materials may disappear if you re-organzie the columns incorrectly at the step level.
Why Some Line Items Have a $0 Value
Why some line items have a $0 value: There could be various reasons why certain line items show a $0 value. Enabling negative inventory might explain some instances, where available inventory contributes to the value on sales orders, work orders,...
Creating an Invoice of your Order Time Subscription
Find out how to create a PDF out of your payments and invoices within Billing & Subscriptions.
Storage Limits Within Order Time
Question: What is the maximum size for individual attachments within Order Time? Answer: With your Order Time subscription, you enjoy the flexibility of unlimited data entry. However, it's important to note that individual attachments adde...
Edit Custom Fields on Closed Documents
There is now the ability to edit custom fields without have to re-open closed documents.
B2B Portal - Object Reference Error
Issue: While testing and configuring the B2B Portal I am receiving an Object Reference Error Solution: You need to prime your Sales Order, Ship Doc, and Email Form Templates for use in the portal For the time being any form templates you as...
Why is My Company Information Changing Each Time I Sync?
Prevent company information changes in Order Time by managing your Accounting Integration settings. Learn how to maintain consistency and avoid overrides with this simple solution.
Excel Converted Number to Scientific Notation
When exporting data from Order Time it is most often opened in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel often tries to format numbers for you. Sometimes this causes a problem with numbers being replaced with scientific notation.
Summing up the Standard Cost of Components within a Bill of Materials
Standard Cost on my assembly does not match the sum of the standard cost of the components in the BOM
Session Expired - Resolving Session Expiry in your Browser
How to solve the "Session Expired" or "Your Session Has Expired" Error every now and then when using Order Time.
Excel File Splitting Solution - Splitting an Excel Sheet Into Multiple Files
How to split a single Excel file into multiple files prior to importing information into Order Time.
Order Time - Revision Numbers and Documents
A common question we receive is what is the relation between the Revision number and the document. An example would be looking at a Sales Order List, Ship Doc List, Work Order List, etc ... and adding the Revision column what does that number represent.
Why are charts not updating?
Did you make changes to a report that is directly connected to a Chart or Graph in Order Time and are not seeing the changes reflected in the Chart or Graph?
Error sorting lists
A common issue many users come upon is receiving a error when trying to sort lists by column headers.
I have uploaded a new company logo, but it does not show on the form template
Have you uploaded your company logo but it is not appearing on the form templates correctly?
Why can't I add customer types in Order Time?
Are you trying to add customer types in Order Time but you can not find the option?
After changing Purchase As UOMs for an item, the cost in the BOM is not correct
The cost of my BOM is not showing correctly after I made changes to the Unit of Measure for an item.
Feature Requests
Were you told your question/suggestion would be added as a Feature Request?
How to Perform a Hard Refresh and Clear Cache
Troubleshooting Solutions: How to Perform a Hard Refresh and Clear Cache
Make sure your new Custom Field shows up on your Orders
You have created a new custom field and you would like it to appear on your Sales Order(s) and/or Purchase Order(s).
Improve Detail Load Time - Lag Issues
How to fix this Issue: While loading Detail pages, some customers with VERY large databases are experiencing loading lag
The name of my company changed and my items temporarily disappeared
I logged in and noticed my company name on my file had changed and my items disappeared. I logged out and back in and saw the items had reappeared but noticed the company name is still changed.
Trouble with Auto Generate for Lot / Serial Numbers
When trying to auto generate my Lot / Serial Numbers when filling in the quantity of a Receiver or Sales Order I receive an error.
Cycle Count Quantities
This article is to help better explain how the quantities work on a Cycle Count.
Order Time Mobile - Item Was Not Found Error
How to solve the Order Time Mobile 'Item Was Not Found' Error. This involves scanning and barcoding errors in the mobile app.
How to get the BoM Step IDs for Importing BoM Components
Here are some quick steps for getting the Bill of Materials Step IDs from a report so that you can edit and add components in Excel and Import!
Exporting a CSV and Opening in Excel is Removing Trailing Zeros
Exporting a CSV from Order Time and Opening in Excel is Removing Trailing Zeros From Numeric Item names and numbers. How to solve this issue by changing how you utilize Excel.
Payment Error: Do Not Honor
Solution to the Payment Error: Do Not Honor message when a card payment fails.
My Count Timed Out and Adjustment Did Not Close
The cause of an Order Time Count timing out maybe just that the number of items are to large. The adjustment is still running in the background so be patient.
Closing a Sales Order that has a Kit
How to close a Sales Order that has Kit Items in Order Time Inventory.
Item Proxies and Accounts
For those who are not syncing inventory with their accounting software, the accounts used in the proxies become very important.  A proxy is a non-inventory item used to record transactions in QuickBooks or Xero. There is no limit to the numbe...
Ship address street showing before Company / Name
Navigate to Company Preferences  - General .  Un-check or check Display Floor/Suite as a separate line  then click Save.   Repeat to change the preference back to the original value.   ...
Printing Forms in Landscape Mode
Solution Article Problem: I'm having problems printing forms in landscape mode, is there something I should be doing differently? Solution: Printing forms in OT in landscape mode is only supported in Chrome Browser. If you're thin...
Enabling & Adding Foreign Currency
Enabling & Adding Foreign Currency in Order Time using QuickBooks Online
Log In Error: xFi Advanced Security for Comcast
When you receive an Xfi Security warning and have trouble logging in, check out this article.
Recent Email Changes - Amazon Email Services
Recent Email Changes - 8/15/2019 We have changed the way we send emails as too many were going to spam. It is now being sent from Amazon's email services so it will have a better chance of landing in the inbox, and is being send a little differentl...
Nested Bill of Materials vs. Steps
Overview One of the decisions you will have to make is how to design your bill of materials particularly if you have multiple-production steps or sub-assemblies.  Nested Bill of Materials VS. Steps The basic option are: Include all sub-...
Custom Fields - Sales Order Items - Pick List
This is a very specific guide to create a pick list for Sales Order Items For the main guide to custom fields, head here . Log into OT as the admin ( or a user with Admin role) Go to the admin panel ( top right corner) Under SETTINGS sel...
Record Types
Record Types A Record Type defines the nature of a record. Customers  and Sales Orders are examples of Record Types. Each Record Type has one or more Properties,  also known as Fields. Properties will generally be things such as numbers  or ...
Edit Customer Address
Complete the following steps to enter the customer information: Address Under the Address tab, enter the Primary Billing Address and Primary Shipping address.  (Remember this information will be used to create your customer database, it is ess...
Inventory Valuation Methods: Understanding FIFO, LIFO, and WAC
Learn how to value your inventory correctly to impact your profits and tax liabilities. Explore different valuation methods like FIFO, LIFO, and WAC, and understand their implications on your P&L and balance sheet.
Shopify API Update 3/31/2023
We have already updated our connection to Shopify API version 2022-10, and this conversion has been handled seamlessly on the backend of Order Time.
Apps on your Shopify store require updating before April 1, 2024
Disregard the recent Shopify email regarding API deprecation; Order Time Development is proactively addressing the necessary updates to ensure your store operates without interruption.
ShipStation Error
Error Message An error occurred attempting to update orders: Error in XML. Reason: The 'Country' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype 'StringExactly2' - The actual length is less than the MinLength value. ...
Items Names or Numbers
Learn how to create effective part numbering schemes for your inventory items. Discover best practices for deciding the length, format, and content of your part numbers to ensure scalability and clarity.
Prepaying Inventory
Now in Order Time when you receive a purchase order it will create a bill in QuickBooks. Again in this transactions, a Vendor and the items you are buying are indicated. When recorded, this transaction will debit inventory and credit the accounts payable liability account.
Can I use Alpha Numeric characters in the Document Numbers?
Basic document control principals can help make your business run more efficient. Order Time will automatically create a sequence for the document numbers used which will establish a unique identifier for each transaction type.  In order for this...
Error 500 A critical Error has occurred
When opening a details page like a ship doc or an item you may get the following the error Error 500 A critical Error has occurred This error may be caused by the following Deleting a custom field used in the layout The maintenance update o...
Item Editor Page Layout Error 500 - Purchasing Tab Conflicts with Kits
Issue: Receiving an Error 500 when trying to view the Purchasing Tab on a Kit Item Our Product Engineering team has identified this issue and is working on a permanent resolution for Kit Items. Solution: Special Notes Below Any Field move...
Cannot see the custom field I created
Symptoms You created a custom field (for example an item custom field) but when you go view or edit the record, the field does not appear in the custom tab. Cause You have customized the your page layouts.  Resolution Edit your page layout...
Associate Purchase Orders to Sales Orders
A Linked PO is when you link a purchase order with a sales order.    One way of doing this is directly from the sales order .   At other times you will want to do this directly on the Purchase Order for multiple sales orders.     The Associate ...
How to avoid creating and paying a bill twice?
There may be times in your daily operations were you may be creating a Purchase Order in Order Time and paying for the bill prior to you receiving the items.   When you have this type of scenario you want to make sure that you are paying your bil...
Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value
When opening a record (item, customer, vendor) you may get the following errors.  This error is known issue and will be addressed asap.   Please try again in a few minutes.  ...
When running the Reorder Analysis, why is my required quantity not showing up?
When running the Reorder Analysis, why is my required quantity not showing up? When creating a Reorder Analysis in Order Time, the time horizon that is selected allows you project for a certain time range in months or weeks. Based on that time h...
How do you remove apostrophes when you export a list or report.
To remove the apostrophes when you export a list or report go to Company Preferences = General and CHECK Ignore security escape characters when exporting lists and reports to csv. The security escape character prevents malicious code ru...
Sorting Line Items
Sorting line items on an order in Order Time Inventory.
Tracking Production done by 3rd Party Vendor/Supplier
Learn how to track outsourcing processes with Bill of Materials for Assembly Items in Order Time. Follow these steps to create locations, steps, and allocations for sending inventory to a 3rd party vendor and receiving it back when the work is completed.
Move line is no longer visible
In order to sort / move lines on a sales order or quote, the 'View Type' must be set to 'Matrix View'   ...
Logging Into Order Time Mobile - Alert. Incorrect API key or the key is deactivated
If you are using Order Time Mobile and it gives you this API error message, it's not a problem. This happens because you are able to download the app to your phone before activating the service.
How do I look up the Lot or Serial numbers that were used in the Assembly that I have already shipped?
You can use the Inventory Movement Detail Report by Bin to see those lot/serial #s used to make the Assembly.
Adding Labor to a Bill of Materials
Adding labor costs to your bill of materials will provide a more complete cost for the items you produce which in turns enables you to make better pricing decisions.
My Credit Card was declined on the monthly subscription
This article is designed to help you if your Credit Card was declined in the monthly subscription of Order Time.
Reducing Users, Deactivating an Integration or Suspending Your Account
Reducing users, deactivating an integration, or suspending your account in Order Time Inventory
Unable to Login and/or my password is not working
Overview: Should you ever be unable to login to your OrderTime account or are entering your CORRECT password and get an error please take the following steps. If you forgot your password jump to Step 2. Step 1: Completely CLOSE your browser ap...
B2B Portal: Can Not See Customer Addresses
Overview When a B2B Contact checks out on the B2B Portal and they cannot see the list of Company/Customer addresses to select one as the shipping address. Cause It is important to remember in Order Time a Contact and a Customer are two diffe...
The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.
Symptoms While attemting to credit a payment you get an error message.  The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit. Cause The original payment has not yet cleared.  Solution Void the original payment and cre...
Please Avoid Using < and > Symbols Within Description Fields
Symbols to avoid using within Order Time Inventory
Navigating Character Issues in Text Boxes
Navigating Character Issues in Text Boxes Overview: In software applications like Order Time, errors can occur when specific characters are present in a text box. This happens because the software's working parts are made up of code, and some...