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Video - Updating the Items List with Imports
In Order Time every row of any table can be edited quickly via imports. Just pull the ID of the rows from the table you're working with, export, edit the file, and import. Done!
Video - Lot & Serial Number Tracking Demo
Here is a quick demo on how to set up Lot Number or Serial Number tracking on Order Time Inventory. This is especially useful for the Food & Beverage, Medical, or other perishable-product industries. Tracking and Accountability are key to...
Video - QuickBooks Online: Connecting & Syncing
Hey this is Michael from NumberCruncher here to show you how to connect and sync your QuickBooks Online accounting to Order Time inventory! Helpful Resources: QuickBooks Online Syncing Accounting Integration Settings Acco...
Video - Setting a Volume Discount
Learn how to create item volume discounts in Order Time Inventory. ...
Video - Create Payment Requests & Add Payments
Order Time inventory allows you to receive payments on sales orders and shipping documents and sync those payments into QuickBooks. It will sync all payments from QuickBooks over into Order Time as well.
Video - Purchasing, Receiving & Selling Inventory
This video describes how to create purchase orders and then receive inventory as well as creating sales orders & shipping inventory.
Video - Sending Emails From Order Time
This video demonstrates how to send an email from Order Time.
Video - Creating Email Templates
Order Time allows you to customize email templates to fit your different correspondence needs.
Video - How to Set Up Approval Alerts
This video demonstrates how to send an alert a user when an action is performed by another user.
Video - How to Control Order Approval
This video demonstrates how to prevent a user from changing the status to Approved on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.
Video - Prevent Auto-Fill Quantity on Ship Doc
This video demonstrates how to set a Company Preference to prevent the quantity to be automatically set, allowing you to enter the quantity manually.
Video - Buying and Selling Inventory
Video - Preventing Sync on a Document
This video shows how to reverse a synced document and to prevent the document from syncing.
Video - Order Time Importing
Our software provides you with an easy-to-use tool that will help import multiple records at the same time using CSV files.
Video - Viewing Existing Reports
One of the features of the Order Time report tool is drilling down into the details of the report.
Video - Getting Started with Order Time
This video tutorial will guide you on where to get started with Order Time. It will go over Company Settings and show you how to start navigating through the sections available.