Item Barcodes in Order Time

Order Time allows you to set up unique barcodes that can be used to streamline your process and avoid scanning multiple individual barcodes if a barcode on the outer packaging exists letting the system exactly how many units there are inside. You can add a Barcodes tab to the item, detail Page Layout that will give you a section where the packing barcodes can be setup. 

By default the Barcodes Tab is not visible.  

Edit the tab to check the box and make it visible, make sure to "SAVE" your changes:

This will then make the "Barcodes" Tab visible on the Item details page: 

Under the Barcodes Tab you will be able to enter in the code that you want to use for the Barcode along with the UOM and the Conversion Qty. The UOM can be whatever measure you like which will help reference the type of packaging that will be getting scanned and the Conversion Qty will be how many units are inside that packaging which will be added to the document when the barcode is scanned.

A great scenario will be if you are receiving items that come in a Master Case which have a barcode on the outside of the packages.A Master case barcode can be scanned and mapped to represent how many individual units are inside. This will streamline your receiving and/or shipping process by allowing you to scan one barcode from the outer packaging instead of all the individual ones.