Updated Articles

  1. Setting Up Alerts Updated

    How to set up alerts in the system when users change statuses on a document and more!
  2. General Preferences Updated

    General Preferences The General Section allows you to modify the following: How many places you would like Decimal Points to display (you have the option of setting it for Quantity, Cost, and Price) If you would like to enable Foreign Currency...
  3. Feature Road Map

    Order Time Inventory Feature Roadmap. Mapping the future of our powerful inventory and order management platform.
  4.  Webinar - Newest Features From Release 1.0.30 New

    Video from our free webinar on 5/12/2021 at 2pm ET for information about the newest updates to Order Time Inventory!
  5.  Mail and Calendar Integration Setup New

    Order Time Inventory now integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook365 Mail and Outlook Calendar. Here are the set up instructions for the Email and Calendar Integration.
  6. Excel Converted Number to Scientific Notation New

    When exporting data from Order Time it is most often opened in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel often tries to format numbers for you. Sometimes this causes a problem with numbers being replaced with scientific notation.
  7. Currencies

    Overview A business may enter into a transaction where it is scheduled to receive a payment from a customer that is denominated in a foreign currency or to make a payment to a supplier in a foreign currency.  Before any foreign currency ca...
  8. QuickBooks Online Sync - Journal Entries only New

    Order Time now has the ability to add a preference to your file that would allow Order Time to sync just the Journal Entries of a transaction to QuickBooks Online.
  9. My Count Timed Out and Adjustment Did Not Close

    The cause of an Order Time Count timing out maybe just that the number of items are to large. The adjustment is still running in the background so be patient.
  10. Quote New

    Quote Object A Quote is a transaction involved in the sales cycle. Like all transactions it is comprised of a Doc portion (Quote) and one or more Line Items (SalesOrderLineItem).    End Point Properties - Quote Properties -...