Updated Articles

  1. Wix Integration Updated

    Wix Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want. You can connect your Wix to Order Time either from the Wix Apps Marketplace or within Order Time.  Connect...
  2. Google Authenticator - New Two-Factor Authentication Updated

    Google Authenticator is our New Two-Factor Authentication method and you can simply download the authenticator app on your mobile device and use it for authentication on Order Time Inventory.
  3. Stop Email Delivery Issues: Verify Your Domain

    Verify your domain today to avoid having your emails sent from Order Time end up in your customer's SPAM!
  4. Feature Road Map

    Order Time Inventory Feature Roadmap. Mapping the future of our powerful inventory and order management platform.
  5. Merge Customer

    The purpose of the merge customer function is to consolidate the information from 2 customers into 1.
  6. View your Ticket Dashboard - Order Time Inventory has given you access to the Customer Portal

    How to access and utilize the Order Time Customer Portal for our support ticketing system.
  7. Order Time Mobile - Compatible Hardware List

    Order Time Mobile compatible hardware list
  8. Order Time Mobile - Overview & Download Link

    Downloading and using Order Time Mobile on your Apple iPhone or iPad device. How to download and use it!
  9. System requirements for Order Time Inventory

    Recommended and minimum system requirements for operating Order Time Inventory.
  10. Understanding Quantities In Order Time

    Understanding Quantities In Order Time, a helpful guide