Updated Articles

  1. Video - Using Multiple Units of Measure

    This video describes how use multiple units of measures by setting up unit of measure sets.
  2. Adding Labor to a Bill of Materials

    Adding labor costs to your bill of materials will provide a more complete cost for the items you produce which in turns enables you to make better pricing decisions.
  3. Payment Gateway

    Overview To process credit cards with the software, you MUST  have an open account with a credit card processing company. Enter a Payment Gateway  Before you begin selling, you need to list all of the payment processing gateways that...
  4. Video - Importing Bill of Materials

    This video demonstrates how to import bill of material steps and components.
  5. TrueCommerce EDI Integration

    TrueCommerce is a market leading electronic data interchange (EDI) solution provider for SMBs. By combining inventory and order management with a complete, end-to-end EDI solution, Order Time users can save money, increase productivity and automate...
  6. SPS Commerce EDI Integration

    Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, distributor or logistics provider, SPS Commerce delivers the human expertise, processes and innovative technologies you need to make your trading partner relationships easier, more collaborative and profitable.
  7. QuickBooks Online - Integration & Syncing

    QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting system that offers anytime, anywhere access to your books and is supported by an army of accounting professionals worldwide. Learn how to sync!
  8. QuickBooks Online - Integration & Syncing

  9. I'm using Right Networks, what should I do?

    Right Networks is the proven leader for QuickBooks hosting. Their QuickBooks Desktop Cloud solution gets your QuickBooks file into the cloud.  As Right Networks is a managed hosting environment you will need them to download and install the Q...
  10. I'm using Right Networks, what should I do?