Updated Articles

  1. Advanced Security Features Updated

    Some of the most advanced security features for Order Time Inventory.
  2. Sales Order Allocation Updated

    The complete guide to Sales Order Allocation in Order Time Inventory.
  3. Payment Gateway - Stripe Updated

    Setting up the Stripe Payment Gateway with Order Time Inventory.
  4. QuickBooks: The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency

    Issue When we send an invoice to QuickBooks, by default we do not specify the account receivable associated with it. When this happens QuickBooks tries to use the same account that was used on the most recently entered document of the same type. In...
  5.  Video - QuickBooks Online: Connecting & Syncing

    Hey this is Michael from NumberCruncher here to show you how to connect and sync your QuickBooks Online accounting to Order Time inventory!
  6. Feature Road Map

    Order Time Inventory Feature Roadmap. Mapping the future of our powerful inventory and order management platform.
  7. Payment Sync Error - Amount applied is greater

    Order Time payment sync error indicating that the amount applied is greater than payment or refund amount.
  8. Setting Up a Payment Gateway

    Setting up payment gateways in Order Time Inventory.
  9. Production Cycle

    Overview Production is the process of combining raw materials or components and labor in order to manufacture, assemble or otherwise produce a finished product. The key here is that whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that the end r...
  10. Assembly and Creating a Bill of Materials

    As mentioned, a kit is different than an assembly in that the Kit itself is not an item, whereas the assembly is an item. But what if you want to allow the components of the bill of materials to change at the order time? For example, a make-to-order computer manufacturer may want to give a customer a choice of hard drives. This is where the configurable bill of materials is used.