Updated Articles

  1. Reducing Users, Deactivating an Integration or Suspending Your Account

    Reducing users, deactivating an integration, or suspending your account in Order Time Inventory
  2. Item Details

    Overview More details can be added to an Item to help complete and round up that Item's record. This article will you walk through the steps of adding more details.    Details You can bring up the item and add more information to i...
  3. Payment

    Payment Object Payment are payments made by your customers on account or applied to specific sales transactions.  When a payment is applied to sales transaction you would provide an array of CustomerLedgerApplied.  End Point Prope...
  4. Order Time Mobile - Overview & Download Link

    Downloading and using Order Time Mobile on your Apple iPhone or iPad device. How to download and use it!
  5. Webinar - B2B Portal New Features + Open Q&A

    Newest features in the B2B Portal and a completely open Q&A during our webinar on 5/6/2020.
  6. Order Time Warehouse - [VIDEO] Ship Docs & Packing

    Here's how to load your Ship Docs in Order Time Warehouse, Pack the Items, set up Packages, and view it all in Order Time Inventory afterwards.
  7. Order Time Warehouse - [VIDEO] Sales Orders & Picking

    Using the Sales Order List in Order Time Warehouse and Picking your Items. This creates a Ship Doc in Order Time when you are finished.
  8. Order Time Warehouse - [VIDEO] Overview and Preferences

    Showing off a general overview and the preferences included in our Order Time mobile app, Order Time Warehouse.
  9. How are payments on sales orders reflected in QuickBooks

    Order Time offers that ability to take a payment on a sales order before an Ship Doc (aka Invoice) is generated.   Order Time will post this as an un-applied payment essentially creating a liability.    When the Ship Doc ultimately ge...
  10. QuickBooks Online: New Automated Sales Tax

    How QuickBooks Online Automated Sales Tax works with Order Time Inventory.