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  1. Import Your Opening Inventory - Ultimate Guide New

    Order Time is a data driven application, the first thing is to get data into Order Time Inventory. Data includes things like customers, vendors and items. There are 3 ways to get data into Order Time: Enter It Manually Import Via CSV File P...
  2. Package

    Package Object Package is a Child List of Ship Doc .   Packages are used to assign ship doc items to certain boxes or pallets.    Package is comprised of Package and an array of Package Items.     End Point Propert...
  3. Video - Lot & Serial Number Tracking Demo

    Here is a quick demo on how to set up Lot Number or Serial Number tracking on Order Time Inventory. This is especially useful for the Food & Beverage, Medical, or other perishable-product industries. Tracking and Accountability are key to...
  4. Video - Setting a Volume Discount

    Learn how to create item volume discounts in Order Time Inventory. ...
  5. Video - QuickBooks Online: Connecting & Syncing

    Hey this is Michael from NumberCruncher here to show you how to connect and sync your QuickBooks Online accounting to Order Time inventory! Helpful Resources: QuickBooks Online Syncing Accounting Integration Settings Accoun...
  6. QuickBooks Desktop Syncing (Right Networks)

    I am trying to sync Order Time Inventory with QuickBooks. My QuickBooks file is remotely hosted by Right Networks. How can I finalize the sync?
  7. Version 1.0.23

    Version 1.0.23, Released March 6, 2019 - Known issues fixed and new features added.
  8. Order Time Inventory Feature Road Map

    Order Time Inventory Feature Road Map 2018     Reorder Analysis and Recalculate Reorder Point will be consolidated. - DONE Reorder Analysis     Labels and barcode printing will be available. - DONE Custom Label Pr...
  9. Video - Create Payment Requests & Add Payments

    Order Time inventory allows you to receive payments on sales orders and shipping documents and sync those payments into QuickBooks. It will sync all payments from QuickBooks over into Order Time as well.
  10. Order Time Emails Placed Under Spam & Phishing Filter

    When Order Time sends emails, while they are being sent from the Order Time server, we will show the email as coming from your own email address. That way the recipient of your email will not be confused and any replies will be directed to you. Sometimes when the domain of the email address does not match the domain where the email is being sent from a false warning will show up when the email is opened by the recipient. To avoid this an SPF DNS record can be added where your domain is hosted (GoDaddy, Network Solutions etc...), authorizing the Order Time email server to send email on your behalf.