New Articles

  1. Payment Gateway - Braintree New

    Setting up the Braintree Payment Gateway with Order Time Inventory.
  2. Version 1.0.35a New

    Release Notes for Version 1.0.35a of Order Time Inventory
  3. Accounting - Batch Repost Journal Entries New

    Using the Batch Repost Journal Entries feature under the Accounting Integrations in Order Time Inventory.
  4. Item Substitution on a Sales Order New

    Learn how to enhance your sales process by setting up and using item substitutions in Order Time. This guide walks you through adding related items as replacements to prepare for stockouts, ensuring your sales team can quickly adapt with suitable alternatives, maintaining efficiency and customer satisfaction. Perfect for businesses looking to optimize inventory management and sales strategies.
  5. Order Time Mobile - Managing Work Orders New

    Overview This article is designed to showcase the capabilities of the Order Time Mobile App in managing work orders directly from your mobile device. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently handle and oversee work orders and ...
  6. Enable Catalog Ordering New

    Learn to enable Catalog Ordering, access the catalog, select and add items, filter your search, and utilize customer item aliases for a streamlined and informed sales order experience. Perfect for enhancing sales efficiency and decision-making in a fast-paced sales environment.
  7. Item Editor Page Layout Error 500 - Purchasing Tab Conflicts with Kits New

    Issue: Receiving an Error 500 when trying to view the Purchasing Tab on a Kit Item Our Product Engineering team has identified this issue and is working on a permanent resolution for Kit Items. Solution: Special Notes Below Any Field move...
  8. B2B - Emails and Logs Updated

    Sending Email and Creating Logs for the B2B Portal
  9. Apps on your Shopify store require updating before April 1, 2024

    Disregard the recent Shopify email regarding API deprecation; Order Time Development is proactively addressing the necessary updates to ensure your store operates without interruption.
  10. QuickBooks Online Error: Failed to disconnect, invalid authorization

    Resolve the "Error: Failed to disconnect, invalid authorization" in Order Time Inventory by following the provided steps to reauthorize your connection.