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  1. Work Order API - A-Z

    Work Order API A-Z In this example we will demonstrate how to: Create a Work Order Delete a component Add a component Allocate a component Add Assembly quantity Finish a work order Create a work order Prerequisite - An existin...
  2. Webinar - New Version 1.0.32 Features + Q&A

    Here is our latest webinar from 5/25/2022 to go over the new features in Order Time's new release, 1.0.32.
  3. Inventory Values are not immediately being updated.

    Inventory Valuations are Deferred.  Since the 1.0.32 update all inventory calculations are done after the fact in a separate process.   Meaning that you will not immediately see the Value Amounts  appear for a given transaction. &...
  4. Quick BOM Report

    Assembly Items added to Quotes or Sales Orders have an option to view the Quick BOM Report which will show the Components and their basic Inventory Statuses.
  5. Version 1.0.32

    Release Notes for Version 1.0.32 of Order Time Inventory
  6. Creating a Reorder Analysis for Production

    The Production Reorder Analysis is a tool in Order Time that analyzes data and aggregates all the unfilled Assembly Items from Approved SOs within the Time horizon selected allowing you to create a single combined work order for items that exist on multiple Sales Orders. Depending on your business requirements, running a Reorder Analysis can be periodically or every day.
  7. Tracking Number on Ship Docs

    Adding shipping tracking numbers to Ship Docs in Order Time.
  8. Recalculate Pricing on Sales Order

    If a Customer has its price level updated and there is an open Sales Order there is a way to force the prices of the Items to update accordingly.
  9. Can Make in Reports

    In Order Time Can Make is an Inventory Status that is a calculation of the availability of the components required in the Bill of Materials to produce the finished Kit Item or Assembly Item.
  10. Item Vendors

    In Order Time each Item can have a list of Vendors where you purchase that Item from. Here you are able to record the Vendors Part No, Cost, Lead Time, etc …