New Articles

  1. Advanced Security Features Updated

    Some of the most advanced security features for Order Time Inventory.
  2. Sales Order Allocation Updated

    The complete guide to Sales Order Allocation in Order Time Inventory.
  3. Payment Gateway - Stripe Updated

    Setting up the Stripe Payment Gateway with Order Time Inventory.
  4. QuickBooks: The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency

    Issue When we send an invoice to QuickBooks, by default we do not specify the account receivable associated with it. When this happens QuickBooks tries to use the same account that was used on the most recently entered document of the same type. In...
  5. Payment Sync Error - Amount applied is greater

    Order Time payment sync error indicating that the amount applied is greater than payment or refund amount.
  6. Default Forms for Customers

    In many cases you may have custom forms developed for specific customers. Instead of selecting the form you want on each transaction you may set the defaults on your customer profiles.
  7. Work Orders - Reload BOM

    On Works Orders there is a Reload BOM button. This Button is a quick and easy way to update existing Work Orders after you've made changes to the corresponding BOM.
  8. Assigning Sales Rep to Customer by Address

    You have the ability to attach a Sales Rep to a Customers Address. This way if you have multiple addresses for a customer you can have a Sales Rep responsible for each.
  9. QuickBooks Error: Validation Exception was thrown. Duplicate Document Number Error

    Issue: Accounting Sync Error that states -  Validation Exception was thrown. Duplicate Document Number Error Solution: Delete the Invoice AND the Journal Entry and Resync This usually happens when you have manually synced your Ship Do...
  10. Webinar - Customizing Reports in Order Time

    Here is our latest webinar from 6/23/2021 about customizing and creating reports from scratch in Order Time. We also go through some handy tips and tricks for making customized inventory reports.