New Articles

  1. Inactive Data in QuickBooks and Order Time New

    Issue I made something inactive in QuickBooks but it still shows up in Order Time. Correlation If data is made inactive directly in QuickBooks, Order Time may lose access to that now inactive data and not be able to communicate the fact that i...
  2. Summing up the Standard Cost of Components within a Bill of Materials New

    Standard Cost on my assembly does not match the sum of the standard cost of the components in the BOM
  3. Session Expired - Resolving Session Expiry in your Browser New

    How to solve the "Session Expired" or "Your Session Has Expired" Error every now and then when using Order Time.
  4. Webinar - Ace Cloud Hosting and NumberCruncher New

    Our free webinar on Wednesday, November 18th at 2pm ET about our new partner, Ace Cloud Hosting.
  5. Excel File Splitting Solution - Splitting an Excel Sheet Into Multiple Files

    How to split a single Excel file into multiple files prior to importing information into Order Time.
  6. Kit vs Assembly

    OVERVIEW The purpose of this article is to help differentiate a Kit vs an Assembly. Kits Kits combine two or more items together to sell to a customer. Think of a Kit as a box to hold multiple items. The kit (box) is itself not an item and add...
  7. Version 1.0.29

    Release Notes for Version 1.0.29 of Order Time Inventory
  8. Special Edition Webinar - Year End Inventory Planning with Alyson Distel

    Our free webinar on Wednesday, November 4th at 2pm ET about Year End Inventory Planning featuring Alyson Distel.
  9. Improve Detail Load Time - Lag Issues

    How to fix this Issue: While loading Detail pages, some customers with VERY large databases are experiencing loading lag
  10. Webinar - Lot & Serial Number Features - Traceability

    Our free webinar on Wednesday, October 21st at 2pm ET about the features in Order Time related to Lot and Serial Numbers.