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  1. Sales Cycle

    Overview Revenue is the lifeblood of any business.  Having a well organized sales structure is imperative to success.  The following flow chart shows the path of a customer order though its various stages until closure. Below we describ...
  2. Create a Sales Order

    Overview A sales order is an order issued by a business or sole trader to a customer. A sales order may be for products and/or services. The Sales Order is a confirmation document sent to the customers before delivering the goods or services. ...
  3. Onboarding Checklist

    The complete onboarding checklist for Order Time Inventory
  4. Production Cycle

    Overview Production is the process of combining raw materials or components and labor in order to manufacture, assemble or otherwise produce a finished product. The key here is that whole is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning that the end r...
  5. Adding Labor to a Bill of Materials

    Adding labor costs to your bill of materials will provide a more complete cost for the items you produce which in turns enables you to make better pricing decisions.
  6. Types of Price Levels

    How to manage the different price level types within Order Time Inventory.
  7. Order Time REST API

    Rest API Overview
  8. Accounting Integration Settings

    Overview Accounting Integration Settings is where you configure how you want Order Time to integrate with your accounting system.  There are five tabs each having there own configuration settings.  Please pay particular attention to...
  9. UOM Sets

    While the primary measure for an item dictates how it is stocked (most commonly an Each), it may need to be bought, sold or used in production with different measures.
  10. Kit and Configurable Bill of Materials

    Kits are combining two or more items to send to a customer. The Kit itself is NOT an item.